Video showing ‘outsiders’ having darshan in Banke Bihari temple goes viral; Brajwasis upset

Locals complained saying they have ‘first right on Banke Bihari’

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Vrindavan, 2020-07-13 (VT): A video showing a group of 6-7 people, allegedly outsiders, having darshan inside Banke Bihari Temple has gone viral on social media. Brajwasis are upset by this selective move on part of the temple authorities who had decided that darshan will be kept closed for public till July 31 due to the many Pandemic restrictions listed by the administration.

However, incidents of people being allowed inside the temple have frequently come to light, and this has led to discontent among devotees. Very recently the restriction was lifted for BJP district secretary, and locals alleged that other government officials were also given similar privileges. Temple authorities have denied the second allegation saying that it was just coincidental that darshan were open during the time these officials were here to inspect some ongoing repair work.  

The video in question is purportedly from Sunday. It shows some “outsiders” with a gunner, the sevayats and temple staff. 

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