Seva Mahotsav: Radharaman Lal meets Baba Barfani

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For the first time in temple history a meeting between Thakurji and Mahadev was organised during the ‘seva mahotsav’. ‘Nauka Vihar’ was also set up after a long gap of 190 years.

Vrindavan, 2020-07-13 (VT): As part of the ongoing 21-day ‘seva mahotsav’ at the ancient Shri Radharaman temple in Vrindavan, many religious and cultural programs are being organised every day. Grand Phul Banglas (flower mansions) and Jhankis (tableaux) where Thakurji can perform His lilas are erected in the premises.

The ‘seva mahotsav’ however turned out to be special this year due to the voluntary lockdown being followed by all main temples in Vrindavan. With the foyer being empty, a lot of space was available for the Jhankis, which made it possible to organise a grand meeting between Radharaman and Baba Barfani for the first time in the temple’s history.

Mandir sevayat Shriman Madhvagaudeshwar Vaishnavacharya Pundarik Goswami described this beautiful lila as the meeting of Parabrahman and Shabd Brahman. It assumes greater significance since this is the auspicious month of Shraavan which is dedicated to the Mahadev.

While Radhraman sat pretty in His Phul Bangla, Mahadev, represented by an ice shivling, occupied the freezing Kailash (made in the foyer using coloured ice) with His entire family. A grand ‘chappan bhog’ was organised amidst a backdrop of the Govardhan foothills.

Yet another attraction of this year’s seva mahotsav was ‘nauka vihar’ (boat ride). It was last held 190 years ago!

Although Pandemic restrictions are keeping devotees from coming to the temple, Thakurji is blessing them with online darshan through the temple’s social media accounts. Similarly, His bhakts are trying their best to reach out to Him with their sangeet (song) and nritya (dance) sevas using the medium. MP Hema Malini has also expressed her desire to offer an online ‘bhavanjali’ to Shri Radharaman.

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