CM Yogi promises Bill to save Vrindavan ashrams from land mafia

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After inaugurating Rangotsav 2020 in Barsana, the CM met Vrindavan saints and assured them that Vrindavan Kumbh will not be branded as Sant Samagam, ashrams will be protected by law and steps will be taken for conservation of Sapta Devalayas

Vrindavan, 2020-03-04 (VT): After inaugurating Rangotsav 2020 in Barsana on March 4, UP CM Yogi Adityanath conducted a meeting with Vrindavan saints during which he made a major announcement of introducing a Bill to save the heritage ashrams of Dham. He promised that a law will be made to ensure no ashram lands into the hands of land mafia.

Allaying the saint’s fears, he said that under the Bill, management will be the sole prerogative of ashram authorities, and only in its absence will it be passed on to the government. Selling, illegal occupation and desecration of ashram property will be prohibited under the law.

Phool Dol Bihari Das and Swami Ramdevanand Saraswati were at the forefront of the campaign to protect heritage ashrams in Vrindavan.

Many of the Dham’s prominent religious personalities were also miffed with the Yogi govt. regarding plans to rename ‘Vrindavan Kumbh’ as ‘Sant Samagam’. Promising an event grander than ‘Prayagraj Kumbh’, the CM assured them that there will be no name change, even though some communication has already happened under the brand name ‘Sant Samagam’.

During the meeting the CM also announced the release of funds (170 crore) for construction of service road around Govardhan Parikrama. This has come as great relief for locals who were extremely inconvenienced by the NGT order prohibiting vehicles on the Parikrama route, so much so that the issue became the linchpin of Lok Sabha elections 2019 in the constituency and temporary passes had to be issued to them.

Yet another reassuring announcement by the CM was regarding the government’s commitment to conserve the ‘Sapta Devalayas’ of Vrindavan and reinstate their glory.

Tamal Krishna Das, Mohini Sharan Das, Ladlidas, Sacchidanand Das, Bansivat wale baba, Mahamandaleshwar Govindanand Teerth, Mahamandaleshwar Bhaskaranand, Mahamandaleshwar Chitprakashanand, Mahamandaleshwar Naval Giri, Karshni Nagendra, and Acharya Jagdish were among the 45 saints present for the meeting.

On behalf of Vishwa Paropkaar Seva Sansthaan, they submitted a request to the CM to declare entire Braj a pilgrimage and ban non-vegetarian food items in the region.

Another petition for reinstating the identity of Mahakavi Surdas Sadhana Sthali as Parasoli in government documents was submitted by Harishbabu Kaushik (secretary, Surdas Braj Raas Sthali Vikas Samiti). The village has immense religious significance for being Shri Krishna’s Raas Sthali and part of Giriraj Parikrama. Even though everyone knows it as Parasoli, it is identified in government documents as ‘Mahmadpur’. 

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