ASI begins restoration work at ancient Madan Mohan Temple

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The project which is expected to take three months for completion will cost 49 lakh.

Vrindavan, 2019-11-26 (VT): The Archaeological Survey of India has started restoration and conservation work at Vrindavan’s ancient Madan Mohan Temple. The project which is estimated to cost Rs 49 lakh will cover the pathway, walls, ‘jagmohan’ (balcony like area outside the ‘garbha griha’), roof, spire and decorative panels of the temple.

A team of 40 craftsmen from Jagnor (Rajasthan), Ayodhya, Bihar, Delhi and Bharatpur, is being led by ASI’s senior official Shri Ramratan to carry on restoration at the site. The work is expected to take around three months for completion.

The Madan Mohan Temple which is among the three most ancient temples in Vrindavan and also one of the Sapta devalayas was built approximately between 1590 and 1627 using red sandstone. The sandstone being used for restoration work has been procured from Dholpur, while the Lahori/Badshahi/Kakaiya bricks are being sourced from Agra. Cracks in the temple walls will also be filled with mortar paste.

Standing tall on the Dwadashaditya Tila (once) next to the Yamuna, the Madan Mohan Temple was the first temple to be constructed in Vrindavan by Shri Ram Das Kapur at the request of Shri Sanatana Goswami. The deity of Madan Mohana which is worshipped here along with Radharani and Lalita Sakhi was also discovered by Shri Sanatana Goswamiji.

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