11crore scam in Govardhan Mukut Mukharvind and Hargokul Temple; 12 booked

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Rs. 3500 flowers purchased in 3 crores, property worth 90 lakh bought for 2.70 crore; case filed against receiver Ramakant Goswami and 12 others

Govardhan, 2020-09-15 (VT): Shocking details of Rs. 11 crore scam in Govardhan’s Mukut Mukharvind and Hargokul Temples have emerged during SIT investigation. Case has been registered against 12 people along with the main culprit receiver Ramakant Goswami.

On May 13, 2018, Delhi-based NGO Imperial Public Foundation had accused Mukut Mukharvind receiver Ramakant Goswami of Rs.17.65 crore scam in the management and utilization of temple funds, particularly the overvalued purchase of ‘Khaas Mahal’ property. In June 2019, the administration constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) which has found the charges of 11 crore embezzlement to be true.

Along with Goswami, Manu Ridhi, Bhandari Santosh Kumar, Ramkrishna Sharma, Radhakishan, Vivek Sharma, Pinto Saini and his wife Kamlesh, Lattu Saini, Bihari Lal Saini, Kokan Babu Mishra have also been booked.

Goswami and others have been charged with misappropriation of temples funds (daan-bhent), buying disputed property, and embezzlement of Vruddha Pension, Kanya Vivah and Chattrvritti funds.

Between the years 2014-2018 (2014-15: 48.35 lakh, 15-16: 1.40 crore, 16-17: 3.20 crore, 17-18: 2.24 crore), approximately 7 crore was utilised for temple decoration during ‘phool bangla’ season. This is when the cost of one ‘phool bangla’ is not more than Rs. 3500, yet flowers were purchased at 3-4 times the price by taking gardeners into confidence. The money was transferred to their accounts and commission was withdrawn later. Everyday temple decoration and services were similarly misrepresented in the accounts.

Receiver Ramakant Goswami also bought disputed property and issued false checks to transfer money from temple account to his personal account and that of his accomplices.

In 2011 He purchased the ‘Khaas Mahal’ property in Thakurji’s name for 2.7 crores. According to the FIR, this amount was nearly three times the market value (90 lakhs) of the land in 2010. Valuer Rajesh Dwivedi helped in forging the market value at 3.16 crores. Manu and Santosh Kumar were also involved. Another agricultural land was fraudulently bought for 40 lakhs.


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