Radha’s Madhav to arrive from Assam; new law on elephant transfer raises hope for Ramanreti Ashram

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Ramanreti Ashram has written a letter to the Assam Government requesting for a male elephant. After the passing away of Madhav a few years back, Radha has been conducting the aarti at Raman Bihari temple all alone.

Vrindavan, 2020-09-24 (VT): After the passing away of the male elephant Madhav at Karshni Guru Shri Sharananand ji’s Ramanreti Ashram, the search for Radha’s (the she-elephant) new partner is on. In this regard, the Ashram has written a letter to the government of Assam asking for a male elephant. It is hoped that the request will be fulfilled soon.

Radha and Madhav were performing Thakur Shri Raman Bihari’s aarti at the Ashram since 2003. The beautiful sight enchanted everyone visiting the temple. Few years back, Madhav died due to some ailment in the leg. Since then Radha has been conducting the service all alone.

Sant Govindanand ji informs that while the Ashram has since then been actively trying to get an elephant from Assam, stringent wildlife laws were making it difficult. However, considering the new law passed by the Assam Government which allows the transfer of elephants to other states, hopes have been raised once again.

“Ramanreti Ashram is dedicated at the feet of Govinda’s gwaal baal sakhas, His cows and other wildlife. There’s also a black deer sanctuary here. Now we want our elephant family to be complete. Since time ancient elephants and horses have been an important part of temple rituals,” he added.  

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