Mahant Bhagwan das of Sudama Kuti Ashram left for Golok Dham

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The 85 years old saint was suffering from prolonged illness

Vrindavan, 2020-09-25 (VT): Mahant Bhagwan Das of Sudama Kuti Ashram (situated on Parikrama Marg) left for the heavenly abode on Thursday night, around 9.30 pm. He was 85 years old and suffering from prolonged illness.

His funeral procession was organised yesterday morning, with the last rites being held at Yamuna Pulin Vamsi Vat, Vrindavan. 

Mahant Bhagwan Das ji’s life was dedicated to serving humanity. He was the foremost disciple of Sant Shri Sudama Das (Born 1899 in Bihar), who took diksha at the age of 14. His guru was Ramsevak Das. After spending few years in Ayodhya, he came to Vrindavan in the year 1926 with Ramlala. Here, he started serving the saints of Shri Dham. In 1972 Bade Ramji was consecrated, shortly after which Baba had a divine vision of the ‘yugal’, Shri Radha Krishna. It was on Their instructions that Raas Lila tradition began in Sudama Kuti. On the night of August 1, 2005, Baba entered ‘nitya lila’.

Mahant Bhagwan Das upheld the Kuti’s ethos after his guru left for the eternal abode. Sudama Kuti has been in the service of Dham and Brajwasis for the past eight decades now. While the affiliated saints themselves survive on alms, no one returns hungry from the Ashram, whatever the time of the day. Every day nearly 500-600 people are served meals.

Mahant Bhagwan Das used to say that Sudama Baba laid the foundation of selfless service at Sudama Kuti. He founded this ashram on the banks of Yamuna. Baba used to beg for alms, make ‘Prasad’, and feed the saints as a daily vow (niyam). In the Ashram premises today, there is a beautiful ‘Ram Darbaar’ and the ‘vigraha’ of Ramlala which was worshipped by Sudama Baba.

Sudama Kuti has 20 Ashrams all over the country. Akhand Harinaam Sankirtan, akhand Ram Charit Manas and three akhand lamps are the three main pillars and treasures of the Ashram. Additionally nitya Raaslila and Shrimad Bhagvaat Katha is also done. Nabhaji’s Bhaktamaal was first published from the Ramanand Pustakalaya associated with the Kuti. The library has many other publications to its credit.


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