Saints upset over Vrindavan Kumbh Mela renaming and unpreparedness

The event is scheduled for January 2021.

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Vrindavan, 2020-10-18 (VT): Saints from Nirmohi and Diagambar akahada convened a meeting under the banner of Akhil Bharatiya Shripanch Nirmohi Ani Akahada at Chaitanya Kuti, Parikrama Marg to discuss matters pertaining to Vrindavan Kumbh that will be held in January next year.

Miffed with the government and administration’ unpreparedness and casual attitude towards the fast approaching mega event, the saints held the summit to decide an action plan for the authorities to work on. The proposal will be handed over to DM Sarvagya Ram Mishra and CM Yogi Adityanath subsequently. The following actionable points were jotted down during the meeting:

Cleaning of Yamuna, and Yamuna Ghats, riverfront development, repair and restoration of math, akhadas and temples, electricity and water arrangement, delineation of Kumbh Mela Kshetra, ‘shivir’ for 800 mahamandaleshwar with facilities such as water, toilets, four tents, kitchens, a hall, firewood shop, fire and police stations.

Additionally, the saints were upset over the renaming of Vrindavan Kumbh as ‘Sant Samagam’ despite assurances given by the chief minister himself.

Mahant Dharamdas of Nirmohi Akhada appealed to the administration to start working on the above at the earliest. “It is only after attending the Vrindavan Kumbh that all saints will proceed for the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar. There’s no scope for any delay,” he said.

Mahant Ramswaroop Das reminded Power Minister Shrikant Sharma of his responsibilities as the MLA. He expressed dismay as to why he has not met any of the saints with regard to this most significant spiritual gathering in Vrindavan in years. It should have been his priority, he added.  

Nirvani akhada Mahant Gowrishankar, nirmohi akahda Mahant Rajendra Das, digambar akhada Mahant Krishna Das, Mahant Ramkishor Das, Mahant Harishankar Das, Mahant Sundar Das, Mahant Kishori Das, Mahant Brajbihari Das, Mahant Ladlisharan, Mahant Tulsidas,  Mahnat Shrinivas Das, Mahant Uddhav Das, Mahant Sant Das, Shaymsundar Das, Madhav Das, Krishnaprapannacharya, Chandrama Das, Raseshwar Das, Hariballabh Sharan, Mahant Prem Das Shastri, and Mahnat Govind Das were persent.


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