Kartik Braj Darshan with Vrindavan Today (Day 21): Radha Tila

Radha Tila is one of the ‘gaddis’ (seat) of Haridasi Sampradaya, and the ‘bhajan sthali’ of Rasik Ananya Viharin Dev who was a disciple in the tradition.

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Vrindavan, 2020-11-16 (VT): Among all the tilas (mounds) in Shri Dhan Vrindavan, Radha Tila stands out for its natural beauty and divinity.  It is one of the ‘gaddis’ (seat) of Haridasi Sampradaya, and the ‘bhajan sthali’ of Rasik Ananya Viharin Dev who was a disciple in the tradition. 

Encroachment has however ensured that there's no mound left as such. It is the mostly the ‘bhakt-vrind’ (saint community) living here which makes this place the real Vrindavan where one can feel the undiluted grace of Radharani. The gnarled and curiously swing-shaped trees, climbers and creepers on this ‘tila’ are revered as the eternal associates of Shri Radha Bihari who reside here. In the temple’s ‘garbha griha’ Thakurji gives darshan as Shaymsundar Sakhi learning music from Shri ji Herself. The divine lessons are facilitated by the chirping of birds – parrots, pigeons, sparrows - that flock here. Monkeys too join the session! The birds are fed ample grains by the inmates of the tila daily.

According to the temple pujari Swami Shri Bhanwar Sharan Baba, in the 16th century this place was the bhajan sthali of many great saints. So perfected was their ‘bhakti’ and ‘sadhana’ that they and the devotees coming to Radha Tila could feel the eternal presence of the queen of Vrindavan here. Many were also blessed with divine experiences of Her.  

One such well-known testimony is that of Baba Vrindavan Das who lived at the ‘tila’ nearly 125 years ago. He would beg for alms daily and offer the ‘madhukari’ to Radharani in a ‘chipi’ (bowl made of raj). He subsisted only on this ‘prasad’. Once it so happened that on a scorching summer day when Baba forgot to offer the ‘madhukari’ to Her, a beautiful little girl came to him asking for it. A perplexed Vrindavan Das enquired about her whereabouts and asked why she was roaming around in the hot afternoon. The divine child replied, “My name is Radha and I live on this Radha Tila. You don’t know me Baba, but I know you well. Today you did not give me the ‘madhukari’ to eat.” Baba went inside to get the ‘madhukari’, but when he returned, She was gone.  

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