Festivities of the Sacred Purushottam Maas at Gokulananda Temple

2023.08.14 (Vrindavan Today News): The fervor of the Shri Purushottam Manorath Mahotsav in Thakur Gokulanand Temple, Vrindavan, is ablaze. Thakur Shri Gokulanand Temple, one of ‘Saptadevalaya’ temples is adorned with grandeur as it has been hosting a seven-day long celebration on the event of Shri Purushottam month.

With great reverence and grandeur, the event pays homage to the divine essence of Shri Purushottam Maas. This religious affair, which stretches until the 16th of August, witnesses an array of activities. The festivities are magnificently orchestrated, encompassing elaborate rituals, Phool Banglas, and Musical galas.

 Captivating tableau of Flower Mansions (Phool Bangla) is being dedicated to Thakur Shri Vijay Govind ji, Shri Vinodi Lal ji and Shri Gokulananda ji Maharaj, meticulously detailed in thematic displays and intricate adornments. The Divine Presence of Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami Maharaj, the Sevait of both Shri Radharaman and Gokulananda Temple, enriches the event, adding a sense of sacredness.

The celebration has already seen noteworthy events, including the Nandotsav, Rai Raja Utsav, and the majestic Maharaas Utsav. Devotees and enthusiasts alike have garnered blessings by witnessing the divine manifestations of Shri Krishna as ‘Kotwal’, the head of the Army and Shri Radha Rani as the majestic King (also called as queen).

During the Mahotsav, several captivating events are lined up, including the Govardhan-Annakoot Utsav on August 13th, the Jhulan Utsav on August 14th, the Holi Utsav on August 15th, and the Diwali Utsav on August 16th.

The occasion is graced by eminent personalities from various fields, including Shrimati Sandhya Goswami, Suvarna Goswami, Abhinav Goswami, Astha Goswami, Jugalkishor Sharma, Bharat Sharma, distinguished literary figure Dr. Gopal Chaturvedi, Dr. Radhakant Sharma, Yogesh Agrawal, Udayan Sharma, Neerja Sharma, Suresh Chandra Agrawal, and many other renowned individuals from diverse domains.

The enchanting melodies sung by Smt. Sandhya Goswami and Shri Madan Gopal Sharma fill the air and the temple premises brim with devotion, this Mahotsav becomes a sublime amalgamation of spiritual fervour, cultural splendour, and collective devotion.