Barsana’s Jal Mahal to be transformed into Heritage Hotel

2023.08.14 (Vrindavan Today News): The Tourism Department of Uttar Pradesh has outlined a strategy to transform key sites into heritage hotels, including Barsana’s Water Palace (Jal Mahal) at Brishbhanu Kund, Lucknow’s Chattar Manzil, Mirzapur’s Chunar Fort, Jhansi’s Barua Sagar Fort, Lucknow’s Kothi Gulistan-e-Iram, Kothi Darshan Vilas, and Kothi Roshan, Kanpur’s Shukla Talab, and Tikait Rai Baradari in Vithur. To support these efforts, the government has earmarked a minimum investment of 180 crore rupees.

In a move to bolster heritage tourism, the Uttar Pradesh government has unveiled plans to convert nine historical palaces and havelis across the state into heritage hotels. This initiative, aimed at reviving the glory of these ancestral properties through private sector investment, seeks to attract tourists while also generating employment opportunities.

Mukesh Meshram, the Principal Secretary of Tourism, emphasized that the selection process would be based on a blend of quality and cost-effective criteria (Quality and Cost Based Selection). The core structure of the ancient buildings will remain unaltered, aligning with their historical and mythological significance. The spaces will showcase local culture, cuisine, art, attire, crafts, and cultural events. The selected institution under Central Public Sector Enterprises will also promote local villages, leading to 25% employment opportunities for local citizens.

Brishbhanu Kund Jal Mahal

The heritage properties are envisioned to include wellness centers, heritage hotels, activity centers, resorts, museums, heritage restaurants, boutique eateries, banquet halls, wedding tourism, adventure tourism, homestays, theme parks, and other tourism and hospitality units.

Barsana’s Vrishbhanu Kund, with its mythological significance, will be revived into a heritage hotel. Historian Yogendra Singh Chaukhar noted that this ancient kund holds paramount importance. The belief that Lord Vrishbhanu used to bathe in the kund lends it a spiritual aura. Built on one of the shores of Vrishbhanu Kund, the water palace, was built in 18th century by Raja Puranmal Katara of the princely states of Bharatpur will now find a new lease of life as a heritage hotel.

The state government is actively working on a plan to develop historical and mythological gems into hubs of tourism. The plan encompasses the transformation of Bharatpur’s royal structures into centres of tourism, enabling them to tap into the vast potential of heritage tourism. Under this blueprint, the water palace in Barsana, which boasts a rich heritage, has also been identified. This ancient relic holds significance in the pages of history. It is believed that Vrishbhanu Kund was a place where Lord Vrishbhanu would perform his ablutions. It was in accordance with this tradition that the kund was built.

The water palace, a two-story edifice submerged in water, was built under the patronage of Raja Puranmal Katara of the Bharatpur princely state. The government’s endeavor now seeks to transform this cultural legacy into a heritage hotel.

In the quest to rejuvenate historical gems and weave them into the vibrant fabric of tourism, renowned hospitality chains such as Leela Hotels, Neemrana Hotels, Indian Hotels Company (Taj Hotels), Mahindra Hotels and Resorts, Oberoi Hotels, The MRS Group, The Lalit Hotels, Hyatt Regency, Sarovar Hotels and Resorts, Eco Group, TCHF Hotels, Langer Hotels, Royal Orchid Hotels, Ramada Hotels, Clark Hotels, and Brizerma Group of Hotels have shown interest. The department has also conducted an exploration of five states, namely Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha, and Rajasthan, to glean insights from heritage buildings and integrate them into the tourism fabric.

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