Kumbh Mela lights to illuminate Mathura – Vrindavan streets

The Sodium lights used in Kumbh Mela in Vrindavan will illuminate the streets and lanes of Mathura – Vrindavan. After the Kumbh concluded, the street lights were handed over to the Municipal Corporation of Mathura – Vrindavan.

Around 400 Sodium lamps were used as street light during the Kumbh.

The Municipal Commissioner Shri Anunay Jha has sought proposals from 70 Municipal Councilors to allot five Sodium Lamps in each ward. Shri Jha said that the lights will be put in those areas, which remains in darkness, where there are no street lights availed before. The project will begin to be implemented with a period of a week.

The Vaishnava Mahakumbh was held in Vrindavan from 16th February to 25th March 2021 on the bank of River Yamuna. The Government of Uttar Pradesh under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ensured all the facilities to be arranged for the Kumbh.

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