Mudiya Puno Mela at Govardhan cancelled; entry points to be sealed

2021. 07. 19 (VT news): The Mudiya Puno Mela at Govardhan, scheduled to be held, between 20th July to 24th July has been cancelled in view of the Covid 19 situation.   The District Administration has asked people to not arrive in Govardhan to participate in the festival of Mudiya Puno.

In a notice, the Mathura Police  has said that all entry and exit points to Govardhan have been sealed and there is no permission to organize the fair, in apprehension of the spread of the pandemic. District Magistrate of Mathura, Shri Navneet Singh Chahal took the decision to cancel the ‘Mega event’, following a meeting with the senior district officials. The District Magistrate had formed a committee comprising the senior officers, the Chief Medical Superintendent, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Circle Officer of Police of Govardhan; and the Additional District Magistrate (Enforcement) to study the current situation to organize the event.

The committee had discussed with the different sevaits of the temples, and the religious leaders before making a report for the District Magistrate. The DM said that according to the government guidelines the shops and markets are allowed to open where more than 50 people aren’t allowed to gather. It wouldn’t be possible to comply the guidelines during the Mudiya Puno festival, which will attract the footfall of hundreds of thousands people from around the country. The social distancing rule that have been put in place also means that people cannot gather in large groups. Keeping in view of the well being of the people the celebration of the Mudiya Puno Mela at Govardhan is cancelled.

For years people have thronged Mathura and Vrindavan to pay their respects to the gurus, and about one crore devotees come to circuambulate Govardhan Hill, which is supposed to be a form of Shri Krishna. This year, however, after a meeting between the local administration and local people, it was decided that with the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, it would not be safe to hold the fair. The Guru Purnima fair is organised in Govardhan in the month of July every year.

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