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Vrindavan among top ten Indian cities with worst air quality index

Vrindavan registered an AQI of 292 on the following morning of Dussehra, making it the ninth city among the top ten in the country with worst air quality. Normally an AQI of 0-50 is considered good; 292 falls in the ‘very unhealthy’ range according to the EPA.

Vrindavan 2021-10-18 (Vrindavan Today News): On the following morning of Dussehra residents of the Vrindavan woke up to heavy smog, the effects of which were felt quite evidently with people complaining of itching and burning sensation in eyes and breathing difficulty. The smog continued to disrupt life and visibility until late in afternoon before it was eventually dispersed by the wind.

Diverging from its usual 120-150 range, the Air Quality Index in the temple town skyrocketed to 292 on Saturday, making it the ninth city among the top ten in India with worst air pollution levels. Normally an AQI of 0-50 is considered ‘good’; 292 falls in the ‘very unhealthy’ range according to the US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency).

The level of air pollution recorded in Mathura, though lower than Vrindavan, was also way above acceptable limits.

The Pollution Control Board is attributing the steep rise in AQI to the burning of Ravan effigies on Dussehra, fireworks, and increased vehicular traffic on weekends. With the festive season approaching, the civic and health authorities have starting raising a note of caution against bursting crackers. First aid measures for those suffering from allergies and breathing disorders are being circulated through the media.

Meanwhile, electronic boards meant for detecting the city’s pollution and temperature levels are lying dysfunctional even at crucial locations such as Gandhi Park and BankeBihari areas. No action has been taken even though it has been over a month since the issue was brought to the notice of concerned authorities.

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