Barsana Ropeway Project set to be completed before ‘Kartik’

  • Mathura is set to open a new ropeway project in Kartik, offering devotees an unprecedented aerial view of Radharani’s abode atop the Brahmanchal Hill.
  • The ropeway project aims to ease the challenging climb of 251 steps to reach the temple, benefiting elderly and young devotees who faced difficulties before.
  • The project has faced delays due to land acquisition procedures, permission issues, and the COVID-19 lockdown in China, but it is now progressing rapidly and expected to be completed before Kartik.

2023.07.14 (Vrindavan Today News): The Much-Awaited Rope way project in Barsana is about to be completed before the auspicious month of ‘Kartik’. Braj is all set to offer an extraordinary gift to its devoted pilgrims.

A Ropeway project, designed to provide seamless access to the Divine darshan of Radharani seated atop the majestic Brahmanchal hill, is rapidly nearing completion. Devotees can now look forward to a mesmerizing aerial view of Radharani’s abode during the auspicious month of Kartik. With preparations in full swing, the ropeway project is expected to be finalized before Kartik, aiming to eliminate the setbacks encountered during its previous suspension due to the unavailability of equipment caused by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Sample Ropeway

Previously, devotees had to undertake a challenging climb of approximately 251 steps to reach the sacred temple housing Sriji on the Brahmanchal Hill in Barsana. The arduous ascent proved to be particularly demanding for the elderly and young children. Palanquins, which were previously used for transportation, are no longer operational, rendering the task even more daunting. Moreover, vehicles attempting to traverse the treacherous path leading to the temple faced numerous accidents. Taking cognizance of these conditions, authorities initiated the ropeway project in Barsana.

The sluggish pace of the ropeway project has now accelerated significantly. The Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority has set a deadline on the concerned agency, demanding the timely completion of this project during Kartik.

Kartik, a month considered highly sacred by devotees, witnesses an influx of pilgrims flocking to Braj to engage in various religious rituals spanning 40 days. This period attracts a substantial number of international devotees who reside in Barsana, Radhakund, Vrindavan, and Gokul, actively participating in Kartik services. Consequently, devotees of Lord Krishna visiting Brajbhoomi during this auspicious time will have the unique opportunity to savor the breathtaking ropeway experience.

Phased implementation of the Ropeway Project

Nearly a decade ago, plans were set in motion to establish a ropeway in Barsana, with the primary objective of offering easy access to the Radharani temple perched atop the Brahmanchal mountain. However, this ambitious project encountered a series of intricate challenges, including delays caused by land acquisition procedures and permission to fell trees obstructing the ropeway’s trajectory. Additionally, the project suffered significant setbacks due to the prolonged lockdown in China, exacerbating its complexity.

The Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority, entrusted with the responsibility of the Barsana ropeway by the state government, invested considerable time and effort in securing the required land and obtaining necessary permissions to clear the ropeway’s path. Land was procured from different departments, and the Development Authority expended approximately three crore rupees on this endeavor. Another company, Radharani Ropeway Pvt. Ltd., assumed responsibility for the project, allocating around Rs 15.5 crore for its successful completion. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown restrictions in China, the ropeway equipment could not be delivered to the company engaged in executing the project. However, with the lifting of the lockdown, a substantial shipment of goods has now been successfully received.

The Barsana ropeway, spanning an impressive 216 meters and standing at a height of 157 feet, will operate six trolleys, each accommodating six individuals. Devotees visiting the Radharani temple in Barsana will enjoy a seamless and direct journey to the sacred shrine via the ropeway. The Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority has signed a 25-year contract with the relevant company for the operation of the ropeway.

With the ropeway project progressing at an accelerated pace, the concerned agency is resolute in ensuring its prompt completion. Overcoming numerous obstacles, the project is set to conclude during the auspicious month of Kartik. Nagendra Pratap, Vice Chairman of the Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority, expressed his confidence in the successful implementation of this transformative initiative, which is destined to enhance the spiritual experience of countless devotees seeking solace in the divine embrace of Radharani.

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