DM’s ambitious plan of ‘Kadamba Path’ fallen victim of neglect

  • Kadamb Trees, A Symbol of Krishna’s Era, Facing Neglect
  • Mathura-Vrindavan Road Witnesses Withering of one -third of the total 400 Planted Kadamb Trees in Just two weeks.

2023.08.22 (Vrindavan Today News): The ambitious plan to infuse the enchanting fragrance of the Kadamb trees, reminiscent of Krishna’s era, into the Mathura-Vrindavan Road seems to have fallen victim to neglect.

The signs of neglect in the maintenance of the 400 Kadamba saplings trees are already visible with nearly one third of the plants are wilting away. This situation arises despite the personal interest shown by the District Magistrate Pulkit Khare, who had initiated the project, naming it ‘Kadamb Path.’  

DM Pulkit Khare along with others

The Mathura-Vrindavan four-lane road spans an impressive 7.85 kilometers.  The Public Works Department (PWD) was given the responsibility to undertake the monumental task of planting 400 Kadamb saplings in a day on August 5th. The tree guards for these saplings were generously provided by the Mathura-Vrindavan Municipal Corporation with the support received from the voluntary organisations. The administration had promised that these saplings would receive regular care to ensure their growth, ultimately veiling the Mathura – Vrindavan Road in the aura of Krishna’s times.

However, the present state of affairs tells a different story. Approximately a hundred saplings out of the four hundred are drying up due to a lack of proper maintenance. It appears that no one is taking responsibility for their care.

The saga of the Kadamb saplings along the Mathura-Vrindavan Road is a stark reminder of the importance of sustained efforts in preserving our cultural heritage and the environment. The saplings need to be taken care as people take care of their children.

It should be noted that several dignitaries and religious leaders had participated in the tree plantation drive that marked the beginning of Kadamb Path with Vedic rituals, coconut breaking, and recitation of sacred hymns.

The total cost of the project amounted to INR 3120.24 lakhs. The road width, excluding the population’s portion, is 2×8.75 meters. The Public Works Department had planted these trees and was given responsibility to oversee the protection and maintenance of these trees.

Several saints and dignitaries participating in the launching of the programme


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