Jodhpur Jhal Wetland to be developed as an Ecotourism hot spot

2023.08.26 (Vrindavan Today News): The UP Government will develop Jodhpur Jhal, a wetland situated on the border of Mathura and Agra District as a ‘Sustainable Ecotourism destination’. The UPBTVP has prepared a project report for this plan. The existing habitat for the migratory birds in this wetland will be conserved and further developed to make it favorable for them. The plan also proposes to develop the tourist facilities for the visitors.

 The location of the Jodhpur Jhal is strategically important as it is situated on the borders of two districts.  It will attract the tourists from both the districts. The tourists visiting the monuments in Agra including the Taj Mahal will be encouraged to visit the proposed Eco – Tourism Destination. There is already a trend among the international tourists to visit the elephant conservation centre located between Agra and Mathura. The Jodhpur Jhal Wetland will be a natural attraction for those tourists. The devotees visiting Mathura – Vrindavan may also visit the wetland.

Pucca approach roads and Public facilities will be built for the easy access to the proposed ‘Eco Tourism Destination’.  This spot was selected by the government as One District One Destination plan by the State Government.

Jodhpur Jhal is a 151 acre unique wetland for water birds and efforts are on to include it as a conservation reserve under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. According to the latest Asian birds census 32 winter migratory water birds species and 22 resident species were recorded out of 54 species traced last year at the water body.

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