Heritage Loss: Govardhan’s Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Shuts Down

The government-aided university is nearly hundred years old

Govardhan, 2022-08-09 (Vrindavan Today News): Govardhan’s Madhav Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya has become the most recent victim of government apathy in Braj. The shutting down of this 100-year-old institution is another grave loss to the tangible as well as intangible heritage of Braj.

The government-aided institution has been in a state of neglect for over a decade now. Not only were new vacancies not announced/created, vacant positions were also not filled after the last batch of teachers retired. The university is not even accepting new student admissions.

Inside the (now) locked antique, wooden door of the Mahavidyalaya, is the sprawling campus which was once the hive of academic and cultural activity. The valuable land is under constant threat from the land mafia who have made several underhand attempts to take hold of the crumbling heritage site.

Given the seriousness of the matter, a group of saints led by Mahant Ramakrishna Das, Deenbandhu Shastri and Raaghav Das Maharaj, wrote a letter to the secondary education minister of the state to apprise her of the situation. The minister has directed Bhaskar Mishra, DIOS (District Inspector of School) Mathura, to prepare a proposal for reviving the institution, and submit it to the government.

“Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya is a government-aided institution. We will not let it slip into the hands of commercial interests. At present, we are working on a proposal to ensure the revival and smooth functioning of the university. It will be sent to the government for approval very soon,” said Mishra.

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