Five Check Dams to preserve the Hills of Barsana

2024.03.04 (Vrindavan Today News): The Yogi Government has taken several initiatives for protection of Biodiversity and Conservation through various schemes. The UP Forestry department is trying very hard to protect its existing forests and re-creating new forests. Several water bodies in Mathura district have already been revived, and restoration of others is underway.

Sankri Khor, Barsana

Now, the Forestry department has made a very significant move for conserving the hills of Barsana. Preparations are underway to construct five check dams on the Brahmanchal Hills in Barsana. The Forestry department has prepared a Detailed Project Report (DPR) and sent it to U.P. Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad to get it approved by the government. This plan aims to safeguard the ecological balance of the region with the estimate of cost of Rs. 1.75 crore.

The Forest Department has identified suitable locations near the Gahavar Forest and ancient temple complexes for the construction of these check dams. Once the proposal is approved, work on building the dams will commence promptly, securing the hills of Barasana.  Additionally, extensive tree plantation activities are planned around several reservoirs in Barasana, including Abir Kund, Vrinda Kund, Ahoi Kund, and Raval Kund. After planting, these trees will be protected with tree guards to prevent any harm from wildlife.

The construction of check dams on the hills of Barsana will yield several benefits including water conservation, prevention of soil erosion, Wildlife preservation etc.

The primary advantage will be the retention of rainwater in the check dams, preventing soil erosion and ensuring water availability during dry spells. This will also mitigate the need for wild animals to venture out in search of water.

Government Officials visiting Gahavar Van

With the diversion of rainwater into check dams, the risk of soil erosion on the hillsides will be significantly reduced, preserving the integrity of the landscape. The check dams will enhance the groundwater levels, benefiting the surrounding areas by improving access to water for irrigation and other purposes. It will also help alleviating the thirst of wildlife inhabiting the area, contributing to the preservation of their natural habitat.

Talking to ‘Vrindavan Today’ the District Forest Officer Shri Rajnikant Mittal said, “The proposal for constructing check dams in Barasana signifies a proactive approach towards conservation and sustainable development. Once implemented, these measures will not only protect the natural environment but also foster socio-economic growth in the region”.

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