Lack of food and water kills three cows in Rawal Goshala

The temporary shelter in Rawal currently houses over 170 cattle

Rawal, 2022-05-18 (Vrindavan Today News): Three bovines, including two cows and a calf, were reported dead in Rawal’s temporary cow shelter last week. Primary investigation has revealed the lack of basic amenities such as fodder, water and shade as the reason behind the deaths, although officials are now claiming that they died due to disease.

The matter came to light when villagers detected a foul smell coming from near the goshala. On reaching the site, they found dogs feeding on the caracesses of the bovines. The information was conveyed to Police station in-charge Shashi Prakash Sharma and concerned veterinary officer. Primary investigation reveals the lack of basic facilities as the possible reason behind the unfortunate incident. However, a veterinary officer from Baldev claimed that the cows were unwell and under treatment for some disease, which could have also killed them. Details are expected to emerge upon further investigation.

Rawal’s temporary goshala houses over 170 cattle at present. According to Block Development Officer (BDO) Prabhat Ranjan Sharma, being a makeshift arrangement, the shelter does not have adequate facilities. While the lack of fodder, water and shade kills the cows in summers, their lives are imperiled by the dangers of flooding during monsoons. The animals are therefore regularly relocated to proper goshalas from here.

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