Municipal Commissioner made inspection on traditional attire

  • Municipal Commissioner Assumes traditional Attire to Inspect Cleanliness Around Major Shiva Temples in Mathura-Vrindavan
  • His proactive measures have been lauded by the locals

2024.03.08 (Vrindavan Today News): The Municipal Commissioner of Mathura-Vrindavan took on the guise of a local resident on Friday to conduct an inspection of the sanitation arrangements around the prominent Shiva temples in the city, on the occasion of Mahashivratri festival.

Municipal Commissioner Shashank Chaudhary

Mr. Shashank Chaudhary, the Municipal Commissioner, donned a traditional red kurta-pajama attire to assess the ground reality of cleanliness around the main Shiva temples. Accompanied only by a private assistant, he encountered sanitation workers stationed around all temples, ensuring no traces of litter or filth was visible.

During the inspection of the major temples like Bhuteshwar Mahadev and Rangeshwar Mahadev, directives were issued to maintain robust cleanliness and water supply arrangements. Additionally, instructions were given to deploy staff on rotational shifts for continuous sanitation efforts around the Shiva temples.

The sight of the Municipal Commissioner, clad in simple attire, engaging in temple rituals, left the local pleased and content. They lauded the proactive measures taken by the commissioner to ensure cleanliness and sanitation during the festival.

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