Ramesh Baba of Barsana announces his successors

2024.03.10 (Vrindavan Today News): Brajsharan Das Baba was anointed as the successor Mahant of Shri Maan Mandir of Barsana on the occasion of Mahashivratri yesterday.  Padmashree Shri Ramesh Baba anointed Brajsharan Baba as his successor of Maan Mandir, in the presence of prominent saints and mahants from all over Braj region.

 Brajsharan Baba has been efficiently managing the Mataji Gaushala, which is the home for more than fifty thousand cows and bulls for a long time. A formal coronation ceremony was organized on Saturday during a Ram Lila event held at Maan Mandir. Several prominent saints of Braj adorned the duo successors with ceremonial shawls to officially appoint them as the successor ‘Mahant’ of Shri Ramesh Baba and Patron of Maan Mandir.  On this occasion Shri Narsimha Baba, a senior sadhu was also nominated as the patron of Maan Mandir.

Shri Ramesh Baba cited his poor health for selecting his successor to manage the affairs of Maan Mandir and Mataji Gaushala.  After the ceremony Shri Ramesh Baba said, “The mission of Maan Mandir Seva Sansthan has a long way to go.  We need to spread the message of Gau Seva in the entire country.” “Yamuna hasn’t been cleaned yet, the movement for a Clean Yamuna needs to be revivied,”exhorted Shri Ramesh Baba.

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