Mathura – Vrindavan to become garbage free city

  • Garbage Management to be handed over to Private Players
  • Public App to Report Issues Promptly
  • Continuous Monitoring with 11 Teams on Alert Mode
  • Waste Collection Charges to be Levied by Municipal Corporation

2024.02.08 (Vrindavan Today News): The Municipal Corporation of Mathura-Vrindavan has drafted a plan to transform the urban landscape of the major religious center into a waste free Zone. With a primary focus on door-to-door waste collection, the initiative entails deploying 22 specialized teams across the 70 wards of the city.

Approximately 250 vehicles will be stationed in the city’s streets, residential colonies, and markets for household waste collection. The project will be outsourced to a private firm. According to officials, the plan aims to alleviate the city’s foremost challenge of resource and manpower scarcity in door-to-door waste collection.

Currently, the municipality grapples with extracting over 200 metric tons of wet and dry waste daily, with 1300 sanitation workers engaged in the task. However, the shortage of personnel for household waste collection prompted the municipality to devise an extensive plan. The goal now is to reach every household and street directly, necessitating a minimum of 250 vehicles. To this end, the municipality has already issued tenders and conducted interviews for the task.

Additional Municipal Commissioner Shri Anil Kumar emphasized the aim of creating a waste-free city, ensuring a thorough implementation of the plan post-tender processes to mitigate any potential hurdles. The objective is to avoid dumping waste on roads by directly transporting it from homes and streets to designated plants. Each household will soon be reached by private company vehicles for waste collection.

The municipal corporation has prepared to hand over this arrangement to private hands. Interviews with six companies were held, and the system is set to be implemented shortly.

Additionally, the municipality is gearing up to address any waste sighting within 30 minutes of its report through a public app. Citizens can use the app to share photos of littered areas, enabling quick response from the authority. An alert will be sent to the sanitation team upon receiving information on the app, ensuring resolution within the stipulated timeframe.

Under the new plan, the municipal corporation will establish 22 teams, with 11 designated as Quick Response Teams (QRT) and the remaining for waste collection. Each team will comprise 14 members and a supervisor, alongside a control system to monitor designated areas continuously, ensuring no waste accumulation goes unnoticed.

While the door-to-door waste collection system is currently operational under the municipal corporation, the facility is yet to reach every household. Once implemented, the municipal corporation will levy user charges for the service.

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