Transforming the Landscape of Kokilavan wetland for Rare Migratory Birds

2024.02.08 (Vrindavan Today News): The Kokilavan Wetland Development Project in Mathura has taken another step forward with technical approval granted by the Agra office of the Forest Department. The Forest Department has now forwarded a proposal to the Uttar Pradesh Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad (UPBTVP) for the project’s budget. Upon budget allocation, embankments will be constructed on all four sides to create four artificial islands where birds can feed. A watchtower will be erected, and fencing will be installed for security. The water hyacinth in the pond of the forest area will be removed, and the ponds will be beautified. Dams will be constructed in the pits. The reserved forest area in Kokilavan will be developed into an eco-tourism zone, with lush greenery and a conducive environment for rare migratory birds.

Once the eco-tourism zone is established, tourists and devotees will have the opportunity to observe rare and picturesque birds. Upon completion of the project, the landscape of Kokilavan will undergo a complete transformation. Visitors will have a unique experience exploring the area and familiarizing themselves with various species of birds. The presence of migratory bird habitats in Kokilavan is well-known, with birds arriving from countries including Uzbekistan, Russia, France, Germany, and Tibet, as well as Central Asian and European countries. Siberian birds also flock to Mathura during December and January, covering a journey of over 4,000 kilometers in groups of thousands.

“With technical approval granted for the Kokilavan project and the proposal sent to the Uttar Pradesh Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad (UPBTVP) for budget allocation, work will commence as soon as funds are received. Upon completion of the project, an increase in the number of birdwatchers is expected, enhancing the area’s appeal to tourists,” Rajnikant Mittal, Divisional Director, Social Forestry Division

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