Modern Public Junction Lounges to be established in Mathura – Vrindavan

2024.05.06 (Vrindavan Today News): Mathura – Vrindavan, renowned as spiritual hub, witness a constant influx of devotees and tourists from all corners of the world. In a bid to enhance public amenities in the city, the municipal corporation has initiated the construction of modern public junction lounges across 27 locations in Mathura and Vrindavan zones. Fifteen such lounges are set to be erected in the Vrindavan zone alone, with the blueprint already released for implementation.

To cater to their needs and provide better facilities, the municipal corporation has already undertaken the construction of pink toilets and is now gearing up to invite tenders for the establishment of public junction lounges through private partnerships.

The lounges will boast modern facilities including high-standard toilets, impeccable cleanliness, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, first aid services, free RO water, city information desks, and mobile charging stations – all provided at no cost to the users.

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In Mathura, the lounges will be situated at strategic locations such as Swami Ghat, Kachahri, Mandi Chowk, Dhruv Temple Maholi, near Chintaharan Temple, Gate No. 1 of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi, Bhuteshwar Tiraha, Govardhan Chowk, near Govardhan Palace Hotel, and near BSA Degree College.

The selected sites in Vrindavan include near the Combined District Hospital, 100 Feet Road, Chhatikara Chowk, Sunrakh Tiraha, Panigaon Tiraha, Daruk Parking, in front of Kotwali (Police Station), near Sudama Kuti, Atalla Chungi Square, Jugal Ghat, near Kailash Nagar, Jindal Memorial Hospital, near Tourist Facilitation Center, Multilevel Parking, Addha Chowki, and near Ma Vaishno Devi Temple.

The tender process has commenced, with the initiative inaugurated from Keshi Ghat. Additionally, the initiative will witness collaboration with a company operating cruise services on the Yamuna River.

Rahul Sharma, representative of Mathura Cruise Lines, operating cruise services on the Yamuna, mentioned that work has commenced at Keshi Ghat, with greenery being introduced. Alongside toilet facilities, a lounge will be provided, catering to meetings and refreshment needs. An expenditure of ₹40 lakhs is estimated for the construction of one site, with a donation of 26% share to be contributed by the cruise company.

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