Boatmen Protest Cruise Operations on Yamuna

2024.05.02 (Vrindavan Today News): The operation of the Garuda Cruise, aimed at increasing water transportation in the Yamuna River, has been stalled. On Wednesday, preparations were underway to board passengers onto the cruise at Kesi Ghat, which were halted by the boatmen. Upon receiving the information, police intervened.

Boatmen opposing the operation of the cruise from Kesi Ghat to Jugul Ghat, halted the construction of the platform on Wednesday afternoon. The construction of the platform will facilitate the boarding of the passengers on the cruise.

 Subsequently, Kotwali Anand Kumar Shahi, along with the police force, arrived. The boatmen were persuaded to calm down and construction work resumed. Boatmen, including Balvir, Satyavir, Kanhaiya, Shyam, expressed concerns about their livelihood, stating that this is their only source of income.

CEO Atul Tevatiya explained that the cruise will be operated from Jugul Ghat to Kesi Ghat. Tickets will be available online to ensure the livelihood of boatmen and they will be benefitted from the increased number of passenger. He asserted that some individuals provoked the boatmen against the cruise operation. Shri Tevatia claimed that once the cruise starts operating regularly, the developmental work will continue at Kesi Ghat and other locations. The company will provide public amenities along with greenery.

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It is noteworthy that in December 2023, an agreement was reached between Ayodhya Cruise Lines Private Limited and the government to operate cruises from Vrindavan to Gokul, but the two pontoon bridges in Vrindavan obstruct its way to Gokul. So, the original plan has been changed and now it operates just one kilometer between Keshi Ghat to Jugal Ghat.

The boatmen are opposing the operation from Jugul Ghat to Kesi Ghat, which is about one kilometer apart. Previously, there have been two meetings with administrative and police officers and representatives of the company. No consensus has been reached. Consequently, the cruise operation could not be carried out properly. Boatmen opposing the cruise from Kesi Ghat to Jugul Ghat are protesting against the construction of a platform at Kesi Ghat for boarding passengers onto the cruise.

Boatmen opposing the crusie

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