Railbus services to resume between Mathura – Vrindavan

2021.11.17 (Vrindavan Today News) : In a huge relief for the visiting pilgrims to Vrindavan, the rail bus services between Mathura and Vrindavan is to resume from tomorrow. The move comes after the recent visit of the DRM to Mathura junction, when the issue of the rail bus services was brought before him.

 The plying of the one coach Rail bus was stopped from last few years due to the technical issue. The Railbus had replaced the the popular ‘Radharani Express’, which was a connecting train from Mathura to Vrindavan. The Railways had replaced the train with the Railbus citing it was going in loss in running that train.

Before it stopped functioning, the Rail bus service had become unreliable, forcing the commuters to find different other options on bus and the auto rickshaws. On the several occasions, the Railbus was cancelled without any prior information. The services of the Railbus was withdrawn without any apparent cause. The commuters had appealed to the authorities to renovate the Railbus, but all their effort went into vain.

The PRO of the DRM Shri S.K Shrivastava informed the media that the rail bus services will be resumed between Mathura and Vrindavan from 18th November, 2021. The fare of each journey will be doubled from the last time it stopped. Each trip between Mathura and Vrindavan will cost Rs.30 per head, whereas the cost of the ticket was Rs. 15, when it finally stopped working few years back. It takes Rs. 20 to travel on auto rickshaws between Mathura – Vrindavan.

The first trip of the train will be made at 8:55 am from Mathura junction and it will reach Vrindavan in 35 minutes at 9:30am. It will also make a halt at Shri Krishna Janmasthan.

The second trip from Mathura will be made at 3:20 pm and will reach Vrindavan at 3:55 pm . The running of the train was suspended for several years as the rail bus was sent to Bareilly for repairs.

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