Shadabhuj Mahaprabhu of Gallu ji Maharaj

The uniquely enchanting vigraha of Mahaprabhu was established by Radharaman Goswami Shri Guna Manjari Das Goswami (Gallu ji) two years later in Vikram Sambat 1932. 

Shadabhuj Mahaprabhu

Vrindavan, 2021.09.19 (Vrindavan Today News): The Shadabhuj Mahaprabhu Temple in Vrindavan is one of the two shrines in Vrindavan where Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is giving darshan in his six-armed (Shadabhuj) form. The temple was built in the 1873.

The uniquely enchanting vigraha of Mahaprabhu came from Bangladesh, and was established near Radharaman ji temple, by Shri Guna Manjari Das Goswami (Gallu ji) two years later in 1875.

Talking to ‘Vrindavan Today’, Shri Alok Krishna Goswami, the descendent of Shri Gunamanjari Das said, “The deity was worshipped in Bangladesh by a women devotee. Shriman Mahaprabhu appeared in the dream of that devotee and instructed her to send the deity to Vrindavan. Shri Gunamanjari Goswami also saw Mahaprabhu in his dream on the same night. He was also instructed to bring the deity from Bangladesh to Vrindavan and establish a temple. Shri Gunamanjari followed Mahprabhu’s instruction and brought the deity to Vrindavan. The deity was brought to Vrindavan using the boats and bullock carts, as there were no other facilities available in those days.”

Shri Gunamanjari Das Goswami ji (Gallu ji Maharaj)

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gave his ‘Shadbhuja’ darshan to Sarvbhauma Bhattacharya in Puri and to Ramananda Rai on the banks of Godavari in Krishna Nagar, Andhra Pradesh. In this form He holds the bow and arrow in the two raised hands (like Shri Ram), flute with the middle two (like Shri Krishna) and Sanyasi Dand and Kamandal in the other two.

Guna Manjari Das Goswami is also known as Gallu ji among the Goswamis of Shri Radharaman. He was born in Vrindavan in the year of 1827 on the Krishna Paksha Ashtami of Jyeshth Maas.  He was the son of Radharaman Goswami Damodardas Ji’s descendant Ramandayalu ji.  The padas (poetry) sung in Radharaman temple is a reflection of the wonderful achievements of Shri Gallu ji Maharaj. Sung in classical ragas appropriate to the moods, seasons, settings and situations, the padas written by Shri Gunamanjari Goswami made a very valuable contribution to the literary movement in the temple culture of his time. His literary words stir the deepest spiritual emotions among the devotees for Shri Radharaman .

Guna Manjari Das was from a well heeled family. His first Bhagwat was organised at Lucknow’s Shah Biharilal Ji’s place. The generous donations received were all used in the service of  Thakur ji. The Shah Brothers Kundan Lal and Fundan Lal who built the Shah ji Temple revered Guna Manjari Das as Guru. After doing Bhagwat Kathas in Kashi, Lucknow, Bharatpur, Shahjahanpur, he took ‘Akhand Vrindavan  Vaas’ (permanent residence) in the year 1880.

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