Existential Crisis of Radha-Kund Amidst Construction Activities

2024.05.12 (Vrindavan Today News): Amid administrative negligence and apathy, the ancient Radha-Shyam Kund, the center of faith for millions of devotees, is shedding tears to safeguard its existence. Consequently, erroneous construction activities persistently continue in the vicinity.

Once adorned with large trees, spacious sitting areas, domes, and canopies, the surroundings of Radha-Shyam Kund are now witnessing continual improper construction due to administrative neglect. The banks of the Kund have been transformed into large ashrams, guesthouses, and religious institutions, compromising its sacred ambiance and posing potential hazards. It is a matter of concern that the sewage from these households is seeping in the twin sacred water bodies.

Shri Radhakund

To preserve the Braj’s sacred groves and ponds, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has established the Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad with the government investing millions. Despite this, near Radha Kund – Shyam Kund, significant constructions are underway, risking the sanctity of the Kund and hurting devotees’ sentiments.

Recently a portion of a heritage stone canopy was demolished for the ongoing construction work near Radha Kund, which irked the heritage lovers.

Concerns Over New Construction Around Giriraj

Baba Anand Gopal Das, Chairman of the Giriraj Parvat Sanrakshan Samiti, has expressed worries about construction and the potential loss of ancient ponds and forest groves in the Giriraj mountain area. Following his plea, the NGT had declared the area around the hill of Govardhan and the kund falling in its vicinity as a no-construction zone. However, constructions near Radha Kund -Shyam Kund persist, seemingly approved silently by the administration.

Here, the Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority approves building plans. A thorough examination of the multi-storey buildings under construction near Radha-Shyam Kund will determine whether these constructions have obtained proper permits. – Sandeep Kumar Singh, Executive Officer, Municipal Council

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