UP Governor attends Convocation Ceremony of Veterinary University

  • Her Excellency the Governor of Uttar Pradesh attends the 12th convocation ceremony of DUVASU

2023.03.03 (Vrindavan Today News):  Mrs. Anandiben Patel, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh attended the 12th convocation ceremony of U.P. Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Veterinary Science University and Cow Research Institute (DUVASU) on Friday. During the event, she gave Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to 24 students, and degrees to 131 students. The students belonged to various disciplines including BBSC & AH, B.Sc Biotechnology /Industrial Microbiology, MVSC, and Ph.D.

The Governor extended warm Holi greetings to the residents of Mathura and underlined the city’s significance as the land of Shri Krishna.

Mrs. Patel stated that a country’s progress and achievements are measured by its educational level, quality of education and research, cleanliness, and social progress. Universities must strive to make a global identity for themselves. She cited Dr. Mahendra Pal, an alumnus of DUVASU, who was awarded the Padma Shri title by the Government of India for his commendable contribution to engineering and science. Moreover, the University’s selection by the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying, Government of India, for nomination in the National Advisory Committee for the Milk Sector reflects its quality.

Mrs. Patel stressed that animal husbandry is a crucial asset for any nation, making a significant contribution to its agricultural economy. The Central and State governments are continuously working towards its development, such as through the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog. The government is also pr

oviding home treatment, vaccination, artificial insemination, loans, and other facilities in the animal husbandry sector, resulting in doubled farmer income. The efforts have increased milk production in the country, and today India produces over 22 percent of the world’s milk.

The Governor emphasized the need for coordination and exchange of ideas between the various levels of education, from Anganwadi to the university. It is the responsibility of the universities to continue holding seminars and competitions with the Anganwadis and small children. It is necessary that university professors, students, etc. keep visiting Anganwadi centers and meet students in Anganwadi centers, primary schools, and higher secondary schools, talk to them, give direction for their future, and educate those children. They should also tell them about what is happening in the big universities. Furthermore, all universities should adopt five villages and engage in these activities as part of their social responsibility. If universities wish to obtain accreditation from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), their participation in such community outreach programs is necessary.

Mrs. Patel also highlighted the lack of facilities at Anganwadi centers, such as equipment to play, chairs, tables, small plates and glasses for eating and drinking, and educational kits for various activities. To address this, Culture and GLA University in District Mathura are providing kits to 100-100 Anganwadi centers, with the help of CSR funds from companies. The District Magistrate has adopted 131 Anganwadi centers in Mathura district, with special attention given to malnourished children. Mrs. Patel thanked officers who are working to make India’s future brighter and urged social workers to do continuous social work.

The Governor also noted that India is leading the G20 today, and the G20 meeting in 2023 will be held in India, with Hon’ble Prime Minister presiding over it. The theme of the G20 meeting is One Earth, One Family, and One Future, which embodies the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The G20 meetings are held in various districts, including Noida, Banaras, Agra, Lucknow, and countries discuss various developments happening in their respective countries. Mrs. Patel urged people to actively participate in these discussions and display new innovations and research.

She also spoke about the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s initiative to promote traditional Indian toys and sports. In his monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the Prime Minister had given a message to make India an exporter of toys. The Governor applauded the efforts of the Prime Minister and the people of India, which has led to Indian toys being exported abroad. She also highlighted the fact that the Prime Minister has encouraged children to take up sports, which has resulted in many Indian children bringing laurels to the country.

Furthermore, the Governor spoke about the Prime Minister’s initiative to promote the consumption of coarse grains, which are beneficial for health and can keep people away from various diseases. She mentioned that when the Prime Minister proposed on the world stage that the year 2023 should be celebrated as millet year, everyone accepted the proposal, and today the whole world is celebrating it as Millet Year. The Prime Minister has also encouraged farmers to grow millets, which has resulted in a doubling of their income.

The Governor emphasized the importance of water conservation and urged every university to undertake pond or water conservation work in its campus. She suggested that universities should assess the water used in their campus and filter it to make it drinkable, so that they become self-sufficient in the field of water. She also stressed the need for conserving water by building 75 ponds in every district. This will help millions of people get clean water and will also promote water conservation.

In addition, the Governor stressed the need to inculcate virtues in girls and encouraged them to excel in studies as well as household chores. She highlighted the fact that girls should be full of all virtues and should move forward with the rituals. The Governor’s inspiring words were well-received, and they served as a great motivation for the students and faculty members of DUVASU.

During the ceremony, the Governor awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to 24 students, and degrees to 131 students. The students belonged to various disciplines including BBSC & AH, B.Sc Biotechnology/Industrial Microbiology, MVSC, and Ph.D. The Governor’s presence and her encouraging words left a lasting impression on everyone present.

Overall, the 12th convocation ceremony of DUVASU was a grand success, and the Governor’s presence added to the festive spirit of the occasion. Her words of encouragement and inspiration will serve as a great motivation for the students and faculty members, and will inspire them to continue to strive for excellence in their respective fields.

The Governor’s presence and her encouraging words left a lasting impression on everyone present.

Several distinguished personalities including the Animal Husbandry Commissioner, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Department Dr. Abhijit Mitra, Vice Chancellor Duvasu Professor Anil Kumar Srivastava, and Registrar Duvasu Professor Arun Kumar Madan were present during the event.

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