Mathura priest confronts Hema Malini on Empty promises of a clean Yamuna

Yamuna River’s pollution woes and dilapidated ghats draw ire of protesters during MP Hema Malini’s inspection

Polluted drain falling Yamuna

2023.02.28 (Vrindavan Today News): Yamuna River is an integral part of the devotional life of Braj, with a history that dates back to the Vedic era. It is considered one of the holiest rivers in the country and is worshipped by millions of people every year. However, over the years, the river has suffered from severe pollution, neglect, and mismanagement. The river water is getting worse every day despite the fact that a party, which claims to understand Hindu sentiments attached to the river has been in the power at the Centre and in all the states, where Yamuna flows, except Delhi.

The recent visit of MP Hema Malini to the ghats of Mathura has once again brought the issue of Yamuna’s deplorable state to the forefront. During her visit, the MP was confronted by some priests and Yamuna enthusiasts who accused her of neglecting the river and its surroundings.

The sorry state of the Yamuna River and its dilapidated ghats has been a cause of concern for years, but it seems that MP Hema Malini and the government have done precious little to address the situation. Despite repeated visits and assurances, the river remains one of the most polluted in the world, with sewage and industrial waste being dumped into it with impunity. Millions of Rupees have been spent for cleaning Yamuna, but the devotees have to take bath in the raw sewerage water flowing in the river from different drains of the city.

During her boat ride from Bengali Ghat to Vishram Ghat, the MP was informed by the people present there that there has been no improvement in the water pollution situation. One person even accused the MP of not doing anything for the river in ten years despite her repeated visits and assurances for a clean Yamuna. During the interaction with the MP, the situation turned ugly, and the security personnel and BJP workers had to forcibly move him away.

The MP expressed her regret over the state of the ghats and informed the protesters that the government was taking steps to prevent four drains from dumping waste into the Yamuna, among other measures. Three of these drains were located in Mathura, with the remaining one in Vrindavan. Some of people present during the visit of the MP suggested the construction of suspension bridges and ghats, to which the MP agreed.

Carcass of dead buffalo at Yugal Ghat area of Vrindavan

Despite various initiatives launched by the government to clean up the Yamuna, the situation remains bleak. The river is among the most polluted in the world, with sewage and industrial waste frequently discharged into it. Hindus consider the river sacred and purifying, but the high levels of pollution have turned it into a health hazard.

“Political leaders and the elected representatives from Mathura have assured us in time and again that Yamuna would be clear of the pollutants , but nothing has changed on the ground,” said Rajesh Pathak, a Yamuna enthusiast.

The protest during Hema Malini’s visit highlights the public’s frustration and disappointment with the government’s lack of progress in cleaning up the Yamuna River and improving the ghats. The construction of suspension bridges and ghats may be a step in the right direction, but that doesn’t improve the quality of the water of Yamuna.

Concrete measures need to be taken to ensure that the river is safe for people to use. The government needs to implement strict measures to prevent sewage and industrial waste from being dumped into the Yamuna, and ensure that the existing pollutants are removed.

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