Vrindavan Green Awards

Every year we organize ‘Vrindavan Green Awards’ ceremony on the occasion of Varaha Jayanti, the day when Lord Varaha rescued the earth from submerging in the depth of water. We are passionate about protecting the Earth – the only life support system available to us.

On this day, we acknowledge some of the people and institutions that deserve special recognition for their efforts in making Braj – Vrindavan eco friendly. We felicitate the individuals, temples, schools and community itnerventions for their best practices in preserving the Earth.

We had begun the ‘Vrindavan Green Awards’ ceremony in 2013, and every year and every year we organize an event where people share their experiences of sustainability and eco friendly lifestyle.

Vrindavan, being a temple town attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. The temples, shrines and ashrams have influence on the devotees visiting Vrindavan. Therefore, we encourage the temples and shrines to adopt eco friendly lifestyles to motivate their followers to save the earth. Similarly the schools have impacts on the students and the institutions have influence on the community to bring a change to become Eco Conscious.

Shri Rangji Mandir, Tatiasthan, Shri Radha Ballabh Mandir, Krishna Balaram Mandir, Meera Bai Mandir are some of the temples honored for their action to protect this fragile planet and promote the solutions for a green and peaceful future.

Bhaktivedanta Gurukula, Samvid Gurukulam, GLA University, Suvti Devi Jhunjhun wala school, Vrindavan Public Schools are some of the schools recognized for their practices by adopting eco sustainability.

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