Vrindavan Kumbh concludes with Panchkosi Parikrama

The forty day long Vrindavan Vaishnav Mahakumbh concludes with the Sadhus and devotees taking bath in Yamuna and performing Panchkosi Parikrama of Vrindavan on Thursday. Several million pilgrims took part in the Mega religious event of Kumbh Mela and took bath in the holy water. The Kumbh Mela began in February 16th 2021. The river Yamuna witnessed a flurry of devotees on Thursday for the last holy dip on the occasion of the ‘Rangbharni Ekadashi’ that marks the beginning of the festival of colors in Vrindavan.

The Mahants, Sadhus and the devotees took bath in Yamuna before performing the Panchkosi Parikrama of Vrindavan, with a procession. The Parikrama was led by the Mahants of the three Ani Akharas, amid a heavy security arrangement with police and security. The Sadhus performed acrobatic skills and breathtaking display of their martial skills with the help of the swords. The procession was pomp and ceremony with elephants and horses. The sadhus were welcomed by the devotees and brajwasis on the Parikrama Marg by offering garland, showering flowers and gulalThe sadhus were welcomed by the devotees and brajwasis on the Parikrama Marg by offering garland and adorning colors on them. With the Rangbharni Ekadashi on Thursday one of the largest religious congregation in Vrindavan, the Kumbh mela drew to close. The Popular festival of Holi beginning on Ekadashi has great significance for the Kumbh Mela too. The festival marked the end of Mega holy congregation held every 12 years.

The Mahants and the Sadhus admired the Yogi government for making all the arrangements to make the ‘Kumbh Mela’ grand.

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