Vrindavan’s mushrooming guest houses turn into crime hotspots

Running illegally in the absence of proper registration and checks, guest houses in the town have become a breeding ground for promiscuous as well as criminal activities.

Vrindavan, 2021-08-23 (Vrindavan Today News):  Vrindavan is in the grip of a pandemic, and no, it’s not the virus! What we are talking of here is the far more pernicious and toxic brew of urbanization, commercialization and tourism which manifests as a different malaise each time. This article calls the viewers’ attention to growing incidents of crime and promiscuity in the town in the wake of ashrams and residential properties being converted into guest houses at an alarming rate, in order to mint the opportunity.

Troubled residents recently lodged a Police complaint in this regard stating that in the absence of proper records, registration and checks for guest houses, unscrupulous elements have been given a free hand to carry out dubious activities on these premises. One such incident which took place at the guest house under the 100-ft-bridge came to light last week. 

One of the most tragic outcomes of the tourist culture that unfortunately has Vrindavan in its grips is that youngsters from neighbouring states have started looking at the Dham as a weekend gateway of sorts. The stretch between Ramanreti and Keshav Dham Police station is teeming with inns that are easily accessible to anyone and everyone with little or no identity checks. All sorts of promiscuous as well as criminal activities are thus happening right under the nose of the authorities.

Responding to the complaint, Station In-charge Shashi Prakash Sharma said that regular inspections of guest houses will be carried out to curb any untoward incident. SP (rural) Shrish Chand added that the administration’s support will also be sought to tackle the issue.    

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