Yamuna Enthusiast carries polluted Yamuna to DM office

  • The distressing state of the Yamuna River has stirred emotions among devotees
  • The Yamuna enthusiasts urged authorities to address the pollution crisis promptly.

2024.02.16 (Vrindavan Today News): Despite stringent directives issued by the different courts of law, efforts to curb the direct discharge of sewage into the Yamuna River have proven futile. This has hindered even devout individuals from performing rituals at ancient ghats along the river, including the historic Vishram Ghat. Recently, a Yamuna enthusiast caused a commotion upon witnessing the alarming pollution in the river. Taking a bottle of Yamuna water, the devotee promptly approached the District Magistrate’s office to express anguish over the sorry state of the Yamuna.

Rajesh Pathak

It has been reported that continuous pollution is being discharged into the Yamuna River. Particularly, the drainage from Kosi and Ral drains, as well as the water from three drains in Vrindavan, is directly entering the Yamuna. This issue was discussed in a recent meeting of the Yamuna Action Plan, where it was anticipated that pollution from direct drains into the Yamuna would cease. However, on Thursday, a substantial amount of pollution resurfaced in the Yamuna, causing distress to onlookers from Kans Quila to Bangali Ghat. The stench between Vishram Ghat and Bangali Ghat left people troubled. Alongside the pollution on the surface of the Yamuna, chemically treated water was also observed.

Witnessing this scene while on their way to perform rituals and prayers at Vishram Ghat in the morning, devotees started urging the authorities to take action. Yamuna enthusiast Rajesh Pathak, filled a bottle with Yamuna water and carried it to the District Magistrate’s office, where he showed the level of pollution in Yamuna to the Deputy Collector Shri Narendra Yadav. Upon inspection, it was confirmed that the bottle contained water from the Yamuna. The Deputy District Collector assured that he will convey the issue to the higher authroities to prevent pollution in Yamuna.

Shri Pathak is a priest from Mathura, and has been performing Yamuna Pujan on the ghats. He administers Yamuna pujan to the pilgrims. He keeps on raising the Yamuna Pollution issue through the social media platforms.

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