Entry Ban at Kusum Sarovar frustrates visitors

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2024.02.17 (Vrindavan Today News): A storm of controversy brews as entry restrictions at Kusum Sarovar continue to dampen the spirits of visitors. For nearly six months, the gates of this sacred site have remained firmly shut, denying access not only to tourists but also to local residents, eliciting disappointment and frustration from all quarters.

Kusum Sarovar has been a place of attraction for by spiritual seekers and tourists alike. The ban on entry to Kusum Sarovar, a cherished pilgrimage site in the Braj region, has left devotees and tourists disheartened. Despite the completion of necessary infrastructure improvements such as grill work, the authorities have maintained a strict prohibition on entry, citing concerns over safety and security.

While the gates of Kusum Sarovar remain tightly closed, a clandestine scene unfolds within its confines. Unbeknownst to many, unauthorized individuals have been conducting pre-wedding photoshoots, raising eyebrows and questions about the permissions granted for such activities amidst the entry ban.

Voices of dissent echo among local officials and residents. Pandit Uttam Sharma, the media coordinator of the Kesariya Hindu Vahini in the Braj region, questions the rationale behind allowing photoshoots within the sarovar premises while devout pilgrims are denied entry. Murari Lal Sharma highlights the alleged role of security personnel who facilitate these unauthorized activities in exchange for fees.

Despite the growing discontent among visitors and residents, the department responsible for overseeing Kusum Sarovar has remained conspicuously silent. The lack of intervention from the authorities has only exacerbated the frustration felt by those eager to revisit this revered site.

The origins of this entry ban trace back to a tragic incident several months ago when an individual drowned in Kusum Sarovar. In response, the District Magistrate swiftly imposed the ban, citing safety concerns.

Efforts are underway to challenge the entry ban through formal correspondence with the District Magistrate. The aim is to reopen the gates of Kusum Sarovar while ensuring the safety and security of all visitors.

As the controversy simmers, efforts are being made to gather more information from local authorities regarding the unauthorized activities taking place within Kusum Sarovar.

Dr. Renu Dwivedi, Director of the Archaeology Department in Lucknow, emphasizes the need for swift resolution and transparency in addressing the concerns surrounding Kusum Sarovar. The sanctity of this revered site must be upheld, while ensuring that the rights of devotees and tourists are respected. Only through concerted efforts and cooperation can a resolution be reached that satisfies all stakeholders involved.

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