Yamuna Expressway Horror Continues: Woman Injured as Stones Rain Down on Car Riders Again

2023.05.31 (Vrindavan Today News): For the second day in a row, the Yamuna Expressway experienced another distressing incident, with car riders being targeted by stone-throwers, resulting in the injury of a woman. The incident occurred on Tuesday night near milestones 89-90, adding to the growing concerns over the safety of travelers on this major expressway.

Rishi Pathi and his mother, Simmi Pathi, were returning to Delhi after visiting Banke Bihari when miscreants sitting on the divider suddenly launched stones at their car. The impact shattered the car’s glass, causing injuries to Simmi’s eyes and forehead. Fortunately, Rishi’s quick thinking prevented further harm as he continued driving until they reached a police van, where they sought assistance. The injured woman was immediately taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.

This incident comes on the heels of a similar attack the previous night, where unidentified individuals threw stones at passing cars near milestone 88 in Nagla Harya village. Fortunately, no vehicles were hit, but the occupants promptly reported the incident to the police. Unfortunately, the culprits managed to escape before the authorities arrived.

Notably, Monday night’s assault at milestone 89 took a more sinister turn, as miscreants stopped a car and proceeded to rob the passengers at gunpoint. The victims, Shailendra, his wife, and a friend, were subjected to a traumatic ordeal as the assailants made off with their cash and jewelry. Shockingly, the police have yet to apprehend the culprits in this case, and now, with a fresh attack occurring at the same location, miscreants seem to be daring the authorities.

The repeated incidents at milestone 89 have raised concerns about the efficacy of security measures along the Yamuna Expressway. Drivers, despite paying hefty toll taxes, find themselves exposed to risks and vulnerability. Local villagers and residents, such as Shyam Bihari Lavania, Dauji Gupta, Kanhaiyalal, and Santosh Kumar, are expressing their disappointment with the security system on the expressway. While police and Jaypee Infratech claim continuous patrolling, the recent incidents raise questions about the effectiveness of these measures.

In response to the alarming situation, authorities have increased security arrangements on the Yamuna Expressway. Additional patrolling by police, dial 112 emergency services, and toll patrol vehicles has been implemented to tackle the growing menace and provide a sense of safety to commuters. However, the recent incidents have exposed a vulnerability that demands urgent attention and stricter measures to curb criminal activities along this important transport route.

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