Travel To Be Made Easy with Construction of Three New Bridges in Mathura

2023.05.31(Vrindavan Today News): The government of Mathura is taking significant steps to improve transportation infrastructure in response to the growing number of devotees visiting the birthplace of Lord Krishna. In a bid to ensure a hassle-free experience for tourists and residents alike, plans have been unveiled to construct three new bridges across the Yamuna River.

The first project, part of the development of the Mathura-Bareilly road designated as NH-530B by the National Highways Authority of India, involves the construction of a bridge over the Yamuna, along with a railway bridge. The Yamuna bridge will be located near Chinta Haran Mahadev, while the railway bridge is set to be built before Bichpuri. This initiative aims to alleviate the traffic congestion in the city, particularly for vehicles heading towards Raya.

Additionally, a four-lane road is being constructed to connect Vrindavan Cut to the Yamuna Expressway, with a new bridge over the Yamuna. This will provide relief to drivers traveling from the Noida side, who frequently encounter traffic congestion on the existing Yamuna bridge. Furthermore, a bridge will be constructed over the Yamuna at Sunrakh for the proposed elevated ring road from Chhatikara-Jaint on Delhi-Agra National Highway 19. This development will not only ease traffic flow but also connect the Yamuna Expressway and National Highway 19.

In addition to these projects, two suspension bridges are also in the works for the Mathura-Vrindavan area. These bridges, inspired by the design of the iconic Rishikesh suspension bridge, will be constructed near Swami ghat in Mathura and near Jugal Ghat in Vrindavan. By leveraging modern technology, these suspension bridges will enhance connectivity and offer unique vantage points for visitors.

Pulkit Khare, the District Magistrate of Mathura, expressed his enthusiasm for the various development projects taking shape in the region. He emphasized that these initiatives are focused on promoting religious tourism and will bring about a multitude of positive changes, including improved transportation networks around the sacred sites associated with Lord Krishna.

With the completion of these bridge projects, travel in and around Mathura is expected to become more convenient, enabling the seamless movement of residents and the millions of devotees who flock to this revered destination.

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