400 Kadamba Trees to be planted between Mathura-Vrindavan

  • An initiative of the District Magistrate Shri Pulkit Khare

2023.08.01 (Vrindavan Today News): A significant initiative is underway to preserve the historical charm of Vrindavan, as the district administration, under the leadership of District Magistrate Pulkit Khare, prepares to commence a tree plantation drive of Krishna-era plants along the newly constructed Mathura-Vrindavan four-lane road. The objective of this endeavor is to restore the spiritual essence of the region and make devotees visiting Vrindavan having a divine feeling of Krishna’s time.

Pulkit Khare, DM

Spanning a distance of 7.85 kilometers, the proposed area of tree plantation begins from Masani Chowk in Mathura and ends near Rama Krishna Mission in Vrindavan. This road was broadened by the Public Works Department at the cost of the lives of 318 trees. This initiative of the DM is also seen as a compensatory tree plantation, as instructed by the Supreme Court of India, while giving permission to cut the trees.

This Divine route connects prominent temples like the Shri Krishna Janmasthan, Prem Mandir, ISKCON Temple, Rangji Temple, and Shri Banke Bihariji Mandir, among others. The ever-increasing number of pilgrims flocking to witness the charm of Lord Krishna’s birthplace and the divine realm of Braj Bhoomi has prompted the district administration to undertake this novel effort.

A total of approximately 400 Kadamb trees will grace the Mathura-Vrindavan road, has been named as “Kadamb Path.” Each tree will be protected with the metal tree-guards and will be regularly watered, in a way nurturing of these plants as one would care for their own children. The Mathura-Vrindavan Municipal Corporation, along with social contributions, will collaborate in planting these trees, while the Forest Department will oversee their conservation and maintenance.

As the monsoon season approaches, the plantation of these Kadamb trees is expected to commence, filling the air with their enchanting fragrance. Signage boards will be installed at various points on the Mathura-Vrindavan road, providing information about the Kadamb Path and the tree plantation drive, making it convenient for the public to understand and appreciate this significant initiative.

It is not just about beautifying the roadside; the Kadamb Path aims to enhance the spiritual experience of devotees. The shade of these trees will provide solace to weary pilgrims, making their journey more comfortable and memorable. With the ever-increasing number of devotees visiting revered temples and spiritual sites, this project holds paramount importance in preserving and promoting the cultural and natural heritage of the Braj region.

District Magistrate Pulkit Khare’s visionary approach to developing Braj  and preserving its historical splendour is commendable. This initiative will undoubtedly contribute to the socio-economic development of the region and foster a sustainable tourism industry.

As the rains approach, the district administration gears up to embark on this tree plantation drive, symbolizing a tribute to the divine legacy of  Shri Krishna and the rich cultural heritage of Braj. The beauty of the Kadamb Path will be soothing for the eyes and also a journey into the heart of spirituality, connecting devotees with the revered land of Shri Krishna.

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