Adulterated Khoya Business Flourishing in Vrindavan

  • Adulterated and impure Peda Being Sold Indiscriminately

2023.06.10 (Vrindavan Today News): Vrindavan is known for its delicacy of Peda offered in the temples. The Peda of Braj traces its roots to ancient times when Pedas were indispensable during religious festivals and ceremonies commonly offered as ‘Bhog’. With the increase in the visitors in Vrindavan and the Peda market doing well, some Peda traders started to sell adulterated Pedas to earn easy profits.

Vrindavan, a city known for its religious significance and visited by millions of devotees from across the globe, has recently been plagued by a disturbing trend. Illegal khoya (a dairy product) traders in Vrindavan are unabashedly engaging in the production and sale of adulterated and poisonous Peda (sweets). These unscrupulous individuals are playing with the health and well-being of the people by brazenly selling sweets made from impure khoya in the market. Despite opposition from the Board of Trade, the situation remains unchanged due to alleged collusion between the food department officials and the illegal khoya sellers.

Vrindavan, being a religious hub, witnesses the purchase of Peda, as Prasad by devotees who offer it to deities and consume it themselves with utmost devotion. However, the rampant sale of contaminated Peda in the city has raised concerns among the locals and traders alike. The Board of Trade vehemently opposed this practice, but their protest lost momentum following a meeting between food department officials and the illegal khoya sellers. Surprisingly, after the meeting, the illegal khoya business continued unhindered, with the Food Officer seemingly turning a blind eye to the issue.

It has come to light that large quantities of illegal khoya are being supplied to Vrindavan from cities such as Agra and Dholpur. In Gaura Nagar, a neighborhood in Vrindavan, a godown has been established behind the Gurukul, serving as a hub for illegal khoya storage and distribution. Large vehicles carrying adulterated khoya arrive at the godown during the night, attracting profit-seeking buyers who eagerly purchase the adulterated product.

The local residents are greatly inconvenienced by the commotion caused by these nighttime activities, while the Food Department appears to be unaware or unresponsive to the situation. This raises suspicions of corruption and bribery within the food department, allowing the illegal khoya mafia to operate without interference.

While the Mathura District Magistrate, Pulkit Khare, is known for his strict administration, the prevalence of poisonous Pede sales in Vrindavan has remained hidden from the authorities’ scrutiny. It is disconcerting that such a crucial matter, directly affecting the identity and reputation of Vrindavan, seems to be slipping through their fingers.

According to local sources, the illegal khoya business thrives due to the complicity of officials within the food department. They allege that these officials turn a blind eye to the production and sale of adulterated sweets, resulting in innocent consumers being exposed to potential health hazards. The recent meeting held at the guest house of the khoya mafia, where food department officials supposedly silenced the ‘Vyapar Mandal’ complaints, has further fueled suspicion. It appears that the officials’ visit to the mafia-run guest house was merely a charade.

The residents of Vrindavan eagerly await action against those responsible for selling poison in the form of Pede. The question remains: When will the investigation be conducted, and when will those involved face the consequences for their actions?

In light of these developments, when Dr. Gauri Shankar, the in-charge of the Food Department, was approached to shed light on the matter, he simply stated that the issue is under his cognizance and action was taken during the previous instance. Samples have been sent for testing, and appropriate action will be taken upon receipt of the report.

The concerned citizens of Vrindavan hope that swift and effective action will be taken to eradicate the fake khoya business and ensure the safety of the people who consume the city’s renowned Peda.

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