Bahulashtami: Thousands take the holy dip in Radhakund at midnight

Describing the glory of Radhakund Kaviraja Goswami wrote “sei kunde jei eka bara kare snana tare radha-sama prema krsna kare dana” 

Radhakund, 2021-10-29 (Vrindavan Today News): The auspicious occasion of Ahoi Ashtami celebrated on October 28 saw thousands of devotees from all across the country and abroad taking the ritualistic dip in Shri Radhakund at midnight.

Ahoi Ashtami or Bahulashtami, falling on the eight day of the dark fortnight of the month of Kartik, marks the appearance of Radha and Krishna Kunds. The Puranas state that on the midnight of the ashtami tithi of Kartik Masa, Shri Radha dug the earth with her bangle to manifest Radhakund, while Shri Krishna used His flute to reveal the latter.

Beginning late evening, rituals, festivities, Parikramas of the two kunds and Giriraj ji, and Harinam Sankirtans went on all through the night yesterday. The ‘snaan’ which holds particular significance on Bahulashtami started at 11.53pm and continued until four in the morning. Taking a dip during the auspicious hours is supposed to bestow upon the sincere devotees immense spiritual merit and the ultimate blessing of devotion to the lotus feet of Shri Radha-Krishna.

There’s also the belief that it can grant the boon of progeny to the childless. Every year, hundreds of couples desirous of having children take the holy dip together and conclude the worship with offerings of Ash Gourd wrapped in a red cloth. On this day, mothers also keep a fast and pray to Mata Ahoi, Lord Shiva and His wife Devi Parvati for the well-being and long life of their children.

Devotees taking dip in Radhakund on Bahulashtami

Devotees from faraway places such as West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and other countries like England, France and Russia reached Radhakund to make use of this most beneficent of occasions when the mercy of Shri Radha is available for all sincere seekers. Many have also staying here for the ongoing 40-day Kartik Niyam Seva.

The two sacred kunds are believed to be the physical expansions of their transcendental forms in Golok Dham which, in essence, are the manifestations of Krishna and His hladini-shakti Shri Radha’s mercy. Descending to the material plane as part of Their lilas, they bring that divine bliss to this world in order to bless the bound souls.

अनुदिनमतिरंगै: प्रेममत्तालिसङघै-

र्वरसर निजगन्धैर्हारि-वारि-प्रपूर्णे।

विहरत इह यस्मिन् दम्पती तो प्रमत्तौ।

तदति सुरभि राधाकुण्डमेवाश्रयो मे।।

Describing the glory of Radhakund Kaviraja Goswami wrote “sei kunde jei eka bara kare snana tare radha-sama prema krsna kare dana” (anyone who bathes in Radhakunda but once, is blessed by Krsna with prema like that of Radha). Priya-priyatam and the Gopis who remain forever engaged in Raas in the Radha and Krishna Kunds have blessed many realised saints such as Tinkodi Baba with Their darshan here.

The greats have therefore rightly advised to constantly meditate upon and worship Radhakund to achieve the highest of perfection of devotion to Shri Krishna, and higher still, to experience the prema that Radha had for Him.  

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