Chaos erupts at Ladli ji temple in Barsana during weekend

Laadli Lal ji

2024.02.11 (Vrindavan Today News): Chaos erupted at the Ladli ji temple in Barsana on Sunday as fervent devotees thronged to witness the Rajbhog Aarti, leading to uncontrollable crowds. The surge of devotees resulted in chaotic scenes, with cries for help echoing amidst the tumultuous crowd. Amidst the escalating pressure, two female worshippers fell ill, prompting security guards and fellow worshippers to evacuate them to safety.

With the weekend drawing in crowds from Delhi and the NCR region, a massive influx of devotees converged at the temple premises, eager for a glimpse of Radha Rani. Despite efforts, authorities struggled to manage the swelling masses, with devotees crammed into every corner of the temple. As the time for the Rajbhog Aarti approached, the situation intensified, with devotees jostling and pushing each other to get closer, leading to pandemonium.

Barsana: Radharani Mandir

The pressure of the crowd escalated, causing distress among the devotees, especially women and children. As screams filled the air, efforts to relieve the pressure and ensure safety began, with temple guards and officials stepping in. After strenuous efforts, the trapped female devotees were finally extricated from the crowd and provided medical attention outside the temple premises, where they gradually recovered under the care of their families.

Authorities had not anticipated such a deluge of worshippers, exacerbated by the soaring temperatures. The unexpected surge of around a lakh devotees overwhelmed both temple and police administration, leaving them struggling to maintain order.

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