Trees being damaged in a bid to comply court’s order

  • Careless removal of tiles and excavation of soil during the construction process have left the tree roots vulnerable and adversely affected their health.
  • Destruction of Trees in Vrindavan Raises Concerns Over Development and Environmental Preservation

2023.06.19 (Vrindavan Today News): Vrindavan is currently facing a pressing issue as the destruction of trees under the guise of development continues to raise concerns among local residents and environmentalists. The rapid pace of development has caused a significant decline in the greenery that once adorned the area, prompting worries about the preservation of the natural ecosystem.

In January 2023, the National Green Tribunal addressed the matter of reckless and excessive concretization of open spaces in Vrindavan. The Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority and Mathura Vrindavan Municipal Corporation were directed by the tribunal to take remedial action, de-concretizing at least one meter of space around trees and submitting an Action Taken Report within three months. The petition highlighted the flagrant violation of tribunal orders in previous cases, with complete concretization observed in areas such as Banke Bihari Colony, Ramanreti, Kailash Nagar, Chaitanya Vihar, and Yamuna Parikarma Marg in Vrindavan.

A Joint Committee, consisting of the State Pollution Control Board, the Divisional Forest Officer, and the District Magistrate of Mathura, submitted a report in July 2022, confirming the allegations made in the petition. Site inspections conducted in May 2022 revealed that the area surrounding the trees had been entirely concretized, posing a threat to their growth and survival. This concretization not only violated tribunal orders but also contravened the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation for greening urban areas and flood-proofing cities.

Recent developments have further compounded concerns regarding the destruction of trees in Vrindavan. One area significantly impacted is the Gore Dauji Marg, a road connecting the Yamuna Expressway Road to Kailash Nagar. Previously, the road was adorned with thoughtfully planted trees, creating a refreshing canopy of shade. However, ongoing construction work has resulted in the damaging of these trees. In order to comply the order of the NGT, the MVDA has de-concretized around some trees on this road. The careless removal of tiles and excavation of soil during the de-concretization process have left the tree roots vulnerable and adversely affected their health. Additionally, maintenance work on a gas pipeline, conducted by the Gail India Company, has led to the removal of soil surrounding the trees, causing the leaves to dry up. These destructive activities directly contradict the efforts being made to conserve nature and protect the environment.

Local residents expressed deep concern over the situation, pointing out the paradox between initiatives to promote tree planting and the wanton destruction of trees in the name of development.

Preserving the remaining green cover in Vrindavan is of utmost importance to maintain the area’s natural beauty. It is crucial for authorities and responsible organizations to take immediate action to address this issue and strike a balance between development and environmental preservation. Only through such measures can Vrindavan continue to thrive as a place of natural serenity and beauty, preserving its religious and ecological significance for generations to come.

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