Discovery of the Oldest Marking of the Yamuna River

  • By Laxmi Narayan Tiwari

2023.02.20 (Vrindavan Today News): Mathura, one of the most ancient cities, is renowned for its rich history and cultural heritage. Among its many storied rulers was Gaumitra, a member of the Mitravanshi dynasty, who ruled over Mathura in the first century BC.

Deity of Yamuna at Keshi Ghat

Recent discoveries of coins and inscriptions have provided fascinating insights into Gaumitra’s reign and his potential connection to the Bhagwat religion. These coins and inscriptions also shed light on the political and religious beliefs of the time and highlight Mathura’s importance as a center of trade and culture in ancient India.

The Bhagwat religion, which centers around the worship of Lord Krishna and is thought to have originated in Mathura, has gained renewed interest thanks to the discoveries of Gaumitra’s coins and inscriptions. However, it is the discovery of a particular coin that has sparked the most excitement among scholars.

The coin, believed to be from Gaumitra’s reign, shows a goddess holding a lotus flower in one hand with aquatic animals such as fish and turtles shown below her.

The goddess on the coin has long been thought to be Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. However, a recent study suggests that the goddess on the coin may actually represent the Yamuna river. The Yamuna river has played a critical role in the history and culture of Mathura and Braj, and has been revered as a divine figure in mythological and religious contexts for centuries.

The reasoning behind this new interpretation is based on the depiction of aquatic animals, specifically fish and turtles, which are strongly associated with the Yamuna River. The lotus flower in the goddess’s hand is also a symbol of the Yamuna’s significance. By linking the coin to the river, the artists of Mathura were able to give concrete form to the abstract divinity that had long been present in the minds of the people of India.

The ancient coin of Gaumitra provides valuable insight into the ancient divinity of the Yamuna river and highlights the ongoing efforts to better understand and appreciate India’s rich cultural and religious heritage. With each new discovery, we are able to gain a deeper appreciation for the art, history, and divinity that have shaped India’s past and continue to influence its present.

Coin on Yamuna

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