Driving License Scam in Mathura

Driving Licenses Made Without Test in Mathura for Rs 4500, Officials Involved – (Source: Amar Ujala Daily)

2023.04.06 (Vrindavan Today News): In Mathura, brokers and departmental officials are involved in making driving licenses without any test for Rs 4500, according to a report by ‘Amar Ujala’. The driving training institute of ARTO Vrindavan is offering licenses for two and four-wheelers without requiring the applicants to demonstrate their driving skills. Brokers openly advertise this service and show records of how many licenses they have already issued. The departmental employees are also reportedly involved in this illegal practice.

The government fee for a driving license is only Rs 1350, including a fee of Rs 350 for learning and Rs 1000 for a permanent license. However, the brokers claim that if the applicants try to obtain a license directly, they will fail the test. In such a scenario, the brokers trap the applicants and charge them Rs 4500 for the license.

To make a driving license, one needs to apply online, pay Rs 350, and take an online test about traffic rules and roadside traffic. After passing this test, one has six months to learn driving and must pay Rs 1000 for a permanent license. The applicant must also pass a driving test with the Resident Inspector (RI) to obtain a permanent license.

When the ‘Amar Ujala’ team talked to the brokers, one of them said that he had a good setting and would offer a discount of Rs 200 for getting two licenses. Another broker said that he would help the applicants in passing the learning test and avoid the permanent test. When asked if there was any risk of cancellation, an employee of the training institute said that madam was taking a lot of money and there was no need to worry.

According to the report, around 80 permanent licenses are issued every day at the training center, including renewals. The departmental officials did not provide any information on the number of licenses issued or the involvement of their employees in this illegal practice.

In response to the report, RTO (Administration) Pradeep Kumar said that the department would stop taking tests and a private company would provide six months of training to the applicants. Only after obtaining a training certificate, the license would be issued.

When contacted, Neetu Sharma, RI said – I have no idea about how many licenses are made in a day. Whoever needs information, he can contact RTO officials.

(the news was originally published by the Amar Ujala Daily after a sting operation)

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