Grand Celebration of Radha Rani’s Birth Anniversary in Braj

2023.09.23 (Vrindavan Today News) The celebration of Radharani’s Janmotsav transcended the boundaries of tradition, blending spirituality and exuberance, providing devotees with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the divine love and devotion for Radharani, a truly unforgettable experience across the holy land of Braj.

Barsana Dham was filled with excitement and joy as devotees gathered to commemorate the birth of Radha Rani. The celebrations extended into the early hours of the morning, infusing the entire area with a spiritual aura and a sense of unity among devotees. With resounding fervour and devotion, the birth anniversary of Radha Rani was celebrated in Barsana.

The main ritual, known as “Mool Shanti,” commenced around 2 AM under the guidance of Goswami Shri Krishnananda Bhatt of Brajacharya Peeth and continued until approximately 4 AM. The deity of Shri Radha Rani, was brought to the Jagmohan for Abhishek (ceremonial bathing) at 4 a.m. The temple’s caretakers conducted the Abhishek with great devotion, using a blend of various auspicious substances. The morning began with the ceremonial Mahabhishek (ritual bath) of the deity of Shri Ladli ji with Panchamrit (a mixture of milk, yogurt, honey, sugar, and ghee).

The event witnessed an enthusiastic crowd reciting hymns and singing praises in honor of Radha Rani. The celebration was marked by the recitation of verses like “Chalo Vrishbhan Gop,” signifying the birth of Shri Radha.

The festival attracted more than five lakh devotees who had eagerly gathered to seek the divine blessings of Radha Rani. The local estimates suggest that well over five lakhs of devotees paid their respects to Radha Ji.

This sacred ritual was performed by the temple caretakers, including  Gopendra Goswami, Brajesh Goswami, Praveen Goswami, Madhav Goswami, and Ramhari Goswami.

The highlight of the celebration was the Badhai Pad (songs of congratulations) recited by devotees from Nandgaon and Barsana, the birthplaces of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani, respectively. These heartfelt songs added to the festive atmosphere and enhanced the spiritual experience for the devotees.

Devotees thronged the temple premises, and the atmosphere was filled with devotion and reverence.  The celebration continued with Badhai Gaan (congratulatory songs) that began around 2 AM and continued until early morning.

The grand celebration illuminated the Brahmaanchal hills as the Mahal (palace) dedicated to Radha Rani shone brightly with lights.

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