Tragic end of life for two devotees on Radhashtami

2023.08.23 (Vrindavan Today News): Overcrowding caused two tragic deaths in Barsana on the day of Shri Radhashtami. Two elderly devotees met untimely ends due to the heavy influx on day of the festivity of Shri Radha’s Birthday at the Ladli ji Mandir in Barsana. 

An elderly woman devotee from Prayagraj, identified as Rajmani (65) embarked on to visit Barsana to participate in the Divine Celebration of Radhashtami. She was accompanied by her daughter during the visit. On Saturday morning, during the visit of the temple, Rajmani’s health suddenly deteriorated, casting a pall of despair over the day’s events.

Desperate for assistance, Rajmani’s daughter implored the temple security personnel to summon a doctor and an ambulance. She waited anxiously for over half an hour, seeking help, but sadly, none came to their aid, and Rajmani breathed her last in the temple premises.

Simultaneously, in a separate incident, the lifeless body of an elderly man, believed to be around 70 years old, was discovered at Katra Chowk, not far from the temple premises. Despite concerted efforts by the police to identify him, his identity remains shrouded in mystery.

A thorough investigation by the authorities has confirmed that the festivities within the temple complex proceeded without any untoward incidents, dispelling rumours of a stampede or mishap within the temple precincts.

Rajmani’s daughter expressed her distress, asserting that if prompt medical attention was provided to her mother, her life could have been saved. She also submitted a written complaint to the administration. She alleged that she tried to take her to the hospital immediately when she felt breathlessness, but due to the rush of devotees and road blockades, it got delayed further.

SHO Barsana Police Shri Arun Kumar Balyan told the media, “Rajmani Mishra, who came from Prayagraj fainted around 7.30 am on Saturday. She was then brought to the local community health centre where she was declared dead by the doctors.”

Dr. Manoj Vashishtha, the in-charge of the health care centre said, “the woman was suffering from diabetes, the rise of her sugar level resulted in her untimely demise.” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ajay Verma informed that the autopsy of the body couldn’t be done as her daughter declined to consent to an autopsy for her mother.

According to the local sources, three other pilgrims fainted near the stairs of the temple on Friday. The health of several devotees deteriorated due to the suffocation in overcrowding.

One thought on “Tragic end of life for two devotees on Radhashtami

  1. Life is unpredictable, people do visit Vrindavan, Barsana if they would have deepest devotion then she may have realised, her mother has been welcomed by Sri Radha Rani in her temple itself, who can expect such beautiful departure from this MrityuLok Earth. Though on plane of reality departure of our loved one is painful.

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