Gwariya Baba’s special bonding with Bihari ji

2024.01.09 (Vrindavan Today News): The illustrious life of Shri Gwariya Baba unfolds with enchanting tales of friendship with the Divine and unwavering faith. Born in 1843 in Bundelkhand, Baba embarked on a journey of devotion at the tender age of 16, finding his abode in the sacred land of Vrindavan.

A master of music, Baba’s soul-stirring bhajans resonated with sublime melodies that echoed his deep connection with the divine. He considered the Lord as his eternal companion, and in turn, the Lord graced him with numerous divine leelas.

One day, amidst his divine merriment, two thieves approached Baba, questioning his identity. In a playful response, Baba declared himself a thief too. The thieves proposed collaboration in their thieving endeavours, and without hesitation, Baba agreed. Little did they knew that divine play was about to unfold.

As the thieves began their burglary, Baba silently observed. When they asked him to tie the stolen goods, Baba, with a smile, said, “You do it.” In the midst of this, Baba noticed a drum (dholak) lying around. His heart swelled with the desire to play it, and the atmosphere was soon filled with rhythmic beats.

The sound of the drum reached the ears of the villagers, stirring a commotion. The thieves, sensing trouble, fled, leaving the stolen goods behind. The villagers, unaware of the divine play, started reproaching Baba. However, Baba remained unperturbed, and as a consequence, his head was hit causing severe bleeding. Baba endured severe beatings until he fell unconscious.

Upon awakening, the villagers recognized Shri Gwariya Baba and sought forgiveness for their hasty actions. Baba, known for his magnanimity, pardoned them, emphasizing the importance of understanding before judgment. When the villagers asked Baba why he came with the thieves, he narrated that Shyamsundar (Krishna) came to him and asked to join him in thieving. I simply followed him. I couldn’t stop myself playing the dholak as I was overjoyed.

Shri Gwariya Baba had a special connection with Thakur Shri Banke Bihari ji.  He used to visit the temple in the evening at Shayan Aarati.  Once, Baba was on his way to the temple for Shayan Aarati.  While he was passing through the alley leading to the temple, the aroma of delicious modaks filled the air.  Captivated by the sweet smell, he couldn’t resist himself from buying some modaks for Bihari ji. The confectioner happily gave him four modaks folded in a leaf plate.  By the time he reached the temple, it was closed for Bhog. He laid down a blanket and sat in a corner. He lost in his divine mood.

After sometime, Goswami ji (priest) had to perform the Aarati.  The priest (Goswami) tried to open the doors of the temple which didn’t open. Even though he tried very hard the doors didn’t open.

Amidst the confusion, a saint present there suggested seeking Gwariya Baba’s advice. The Goswami reached to Baba and said, O! Baba your friend (Bihari ji) is not opening the door. Hearing this Baba immediately stood up and asked Goswami ji to try again. Upon Baba’s instruction, the door miraculously opened.

Then the priest asked Gwaria Baba to unfold the mystery behind this Lila. Baba, replied that when the door was closed Bihari ji was actually with him and he was offering modak to Thakur ji. Before, Baba could brush away the pieces of Modak from Bihari ji’s face; Goswami ji came to seek help. Baba asked Goswami to clean Bihari ji’s face as the pieces of Modak was still there, which the priest found it to be true.

These divine episodes exemplify the playful and compassionate nature of Shri Gwariya Baba, who, through his devotion and miracles, continues to inspire and guide seekers on their spiritual journey. May his divine leelas awaken the hearts of devotees, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

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