Purushottam Maas: Devotees gripped with devotional fervour

2023.07.22 (Vrindavan Today News): Braj, the land of the Lila Bhumi of Shri Krishna has gripped with the devotional fervour as the holy Purushottam month commenced from 18th April. Immersed in the sublime aura of the holy month, the devotees throng to the sacred abodes of Vrindavan, Govardhan, Radhakund, Barsana and other pilgrimage destinations of Braj.

Devotees visit Yamuna Ghats early in the morning to take the holy dip. Those reverent residing at the places located at a distance from the Yamuna take the ritual bath in the Sacred tanks (Kunds) associated with the pastime of Shri Krishna. The sacred baths in Manasi Ganga, Govind Kund, Radha Kund, and other revered sites hold immense sanctity during this spiritually charged period. All the festivals of the year is celebrated in just one month.

Devotees spend more time in serving their deities. Discourses on Shrimad Bhagvat and other religious book are given by the ascetic preachers in different places. The theatre of Raslila are also being staged in the ashrams.  Chappan Bhog, Phool Bangla, 24 hours Harinam Sankirtan are organized in the temples. Grand feast are organized in the ashrams for the sadhus and bhaktas.

They visit different temples and Lila sthalis of Shri Krishna filled with the essence of devotion. Also known as Purushottam Maas, the Adhik Maas holds a prominent place in the Vedic lore and is believed to be particularly cherished by Lord Vishnu or Shri Krishna. During this sacred period, certain ceremonial rituals, such as weddings, are traditionally avoided. Instead, people utilise this opportunity to partake in various acts of charity, prayer, penance, seeking divine blessings and spiritual redemption.

Pilgrims from all walks of life embrace the opportunity of Adhik Maas for the daily circumambulation of Govardhan Hill, fondly known as Girraj ji or Shri Vrindavan Dham. This is also the time to embark on the rigorous Braj 84 Kos Parikrama, a sacred circumambulation spanning 84 Kos (approximately 168 miles), traversing through a trail of revered landmarks that are replete with devotional significance. The Braj Parikrama bestows a Divine Experience upon the devotees who undertake the spiritual journey. As the ardent participants tread through the venerated path, their spirits become deeply entwined with the divine.

The turbulent waters of the Yamuna River have disrupted the revered 84 Kos Parikrama, causing concerns among the pilgrims and local communities. Spanning across regions of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Haryana, the parikrama involves pilgrims crossing the Yamuna River at four distinct points during their spiritual odyssey. Nonetheless, resolute in their faith, the devotees ardently hope for a favourable resolution to continue their sacred sojourn.

Feast organized for sadhus in Adhik Maas

Despite the challenges posed by the floods, the indomitable spirit of the devotees, fueled by unwavering belief, reverberates throughout the sacred landscape of Braj. As the celestial pilgrimage unfolds amidst the benevolence of cosmic forces, the mystical charm of Braj casts its spell on the hearts of the faithful, resonating with the eternal divine Lilas of Shri Krishna.

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