Independence-Day Special: Parkham – Mathura’s own Kakori

A group of freedom fighters from Parkham village looted the government’s cash supplies on an Agra-bound goods train to arrange funds for armed revolution. 

Vrindavan, 2021-08-14 (Vrindavan Today News): Commemorating the Kakori Kand, which was recently renamed as Kakori Train Action Day, by UP chief minister, many events were organised throughout the country on August 9. The event marked a significant milestone in the Indian freedom struggle.

As the country gears up to celebrate the 75th Independence Day, we recall a similar incident of valour which took place in Parkham village of Farah, Mathura constituency.

During the days when the Quit India Movement was at its peak, several young men from across the country had joined the freedom struggle. Going beyond peaceful agitation and non co-operation, armed opposition to the British Government had become the order of the day. However, Indian revolutionaries all over were faced with the shortage of funds to procure weapons, and Mathura was no exception to it.

It was in such times that young freedom fighters in Parkham decided to loot an Agra-bound goods train which was carrying government money. The incident happened on the Bareily-Mathura route.  Around 10 in the night, a group of men vandalized the railway tracks, thus derailing the train which crossed the junction a couple of hours later at midnight. Villagers joined the men in looting cash.

When the news reached Mathura’s British collector, he took all those directly involved in the heist into custody. They were brutally beaten up and tortured in jail. The cruel dispensation did not even spare women and children. Storming into homes, the officials misbehaved with them. Many people had to flee Parkham to escape the atrocity. (AS)

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